Motion Sickness: Hoping Motion Control Doesn't Suck in 2010

Critical Gamer writes: The new decade promises much for gaming. Both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 are entering the latter half of their ten-year life cycle, and as the technology matures, so do expectations. More, now than ever, developers are pushing toward a sense of total immersion in video games. Cinematic techniques have steadily crept into the industry and become standard, while 3D technology is gearing up to make its console début.

Not to be overlooked among the buffet of emerging technologies is motion control. Sony has announced a Fall 2010 release for their Playstation Motion Controller (perhaps better known by its nickname, the "wand"), while Microsoft is planning a Holiday release of their motion-detection device, Project Natal.

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KrazyFace3222d ago

Wooo-wee look at meee, I'm skate boarding in mah livin' room!!! Go outside man, go OUTSIDE! Honestly, if your gonna put in that much effort for game, then you might as well do it for real.

Unless Sony or MS come up with a really good reason for flailing around in our houses, I'll probably not buy into either of them.


scruffy_bear3222d ago

Software will make or break both the Sony Wand or Project Natal.

Rockox3222d ago

INDIFFERENCE: Not Giving a Crap Whether or Not Motion Control Sucks in 2010.

Pidgeridoo3222d ago

Im REALLY looking forward to both of these! Can't wait!

scruffy_bear3222d ago

I'm waiting for the software before I even think about buy either one

mjolliffe3222d ago

I am looking forward to them, but i think i'll prefer the controller forever :)

scruffy_bear3222d ago

I'll give you my controller when you take it from my cold, dead hands

Sony & MS

IDesertFoxI3222d ago

With the amount of time, money and energy being invested by both Sony and Microsoft, I really hope that we can have some really good motion control games that aren't just aimed at the kiddies and the oldies. I get the impression that both companies are pushing these to be rather mainstream controllers rather than just peripherals so I just hope they make the games work well with them, rather than just using them for the sake of it.

Cubes3222d ago

Oh no! Looks like we're going to be flooded by cheap mini game collections and Wii Fit clones! The problem the Wii had was getting 'proper' games made for it. We're still waiting for a proper FPS, which is what I envisaged when it was first announced, oh and a kick ass Star Wars lightsabre game! As long as developers don't take the easy option...

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