IncGamers Column: Why Kane & Lynch Deserves A Sequel

IncGamers' Andy Alderson on why IO was right to continue the series after a false start in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

From the article:

"Lynch is one of the most interesting game characters in recent years. Now we know IO is fond of its anti-heroes – like the cold, amoral Codename 47 – but making one of your central characters a paranoid schizophrenic with a wilful disregard for absolutely everything takes some stones. In the games industry, all too often we see reluctant heroes or loveable rogues who, despite their superficial flaws, are decent enough people who will come good in the end. Lynch, however, is malevolent, fickle, opportunistic, brutally violent and darkly funny."

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Fyzzu3251d ago

Absolutely agree. The first game was rubbish, but that was down to the mechanics, not the setting or the ideas. I'm really happy IO's getting a second shot at it, and I reckon they might be able to do something worthwhile this time.

AndyA3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

IO's a great developer, I have faith Dog Days will be a lot better than Dead men.

AndyA3251d ago

Still, a bit more keen to see Hitman 5 though. And Freedom Fighters 2 would be nice, although I doubt that will ever happen.

Leord3251d ago

It's the "darkly humorous" part we love :)

Maticus3251d ago

It was certainly a brave step making another K&L title, but it paid off.