Dante's developer wants 'Macbeth or Hamlet' game

CC: Visceral Games' Jonathan Knight has revealed that he wants to see the historic William Shakespeare plays Macbeth and Hamlet transformed into videogames.

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movements3222d ago

Jonathan Knight is on a roll it seems. I don't mind seeing a game like the aforementioned either; as long as it's well crafted.

MurderMyDoll3222d ago

I'm voting for a Macbeth game i'd love that. I'd love it even more if they did a modern adaption like the 2006 retelling with Sam Worthington, I loved that.

koehler833222d ago

I'd play a Macbeth game.

mjolliffe3222d ago

Definitely - If you've seen the way they've transformed Dante's Inferno from a poem from the middle ages, then you'd be happy to give a Macbeth game a go.

kevco333222d ago

Midsummer. Surely that would be the easiest Shakespeare to adapt to a videogame? And the most interesting.

Terry Tate3222d ago

This is exactly what I was thinking. So many possibilities of what could be done with a video game adaptation of Midsummer.

scruffy_bear3222d ago

What's next romeo and juliet

Valay3222d ago

I'd rather play a Macbeth game than Hamlet.

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