Lara Croft Earns 6 Guinness World Records; Including "Most Successful Video Game Heroine"

Computer game heroine Lara Croft, star of the hugely successful Tomb Raider computer game franchise, has cemented her status as videogaming's leading lady by notching up an impressive six world record entries in the brand new edition of Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition, published today, Thursday 21st January 2010.

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infamous-butcher3225d ago

Did I miss a meating where 31,000 became higher than 80,000??
drake in Uncharted 2 has over twice that of lara. Or am I missing something here???

FishCake9T43225d ago

Dude i come from the city where she was invented (Derby, UK) and they had her on the front cover of the local paper.

ZoidsRaven3225d ago

Drake? DRAKE?! Drake should get a Heroine award? Drake's milkshake better be bringing all the boys to the yard, because he is not a woman last time I checked.

Please look up what "Heroine" means before comparing Drake to Lara in a topic such as this.

chak_3225d ago

i want a new TR !!

the 2 latest (anniversary & underworld) were amazing.

I want more guys !

kevco333225d ago

I actually think LEGEND was better than Anniversary & Underworld, but I'd agree that the recent titles have been far better than the rest of the bunch.

toaster3225d ago

Me too. I've replayed it so many times now and it's fun every time. Fiddled with skins and made some of my own with Photoshop.
"32,816 rendered polygons during gameplay" No wonder she looked so good! I'm sure the next game will be just as visually stunning. Kudos to Crystal Dynamics for pushing boundaries and making incredible games.

mjolliffe3225d ago

I think they'll try and get the new one up to Uncharted 2 :)

dirthurts3225d ago

I could see Lara with a cover system. That would be awesome!

PainisCupcake3225d ago

*Waits for some idiot to call her Laura instead of Lara*

jjesso19933225d ago

i think its all well and deserved i have loved every single tomb raider game and completed them all 20+ times hope there is some more games on the way

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