Edge Interview: Halo: Reach - Tales of the Fall

In their latest issue, which hits subscribers and UK news stands, today, Edge reveals Halo: Reach. From today, they'll be presenting excerpts from our interviews with the principal members of the team making Reach, covering the mission design, how Halo's fabled 'sandbox' combat design will be changing, the improvements to Halo 3's engine, and its art style, a departure from the series traditional bright colours.

But they start with a discussion of Reach's story, a dark tale of the destruction of a planet by the Covenant, with creative director Marcus Lehto, executive producer Joseph Tung and community director Brian Jarrard.

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alpha-rain3247d ago

meh. Halo's bright colored art is what made the game unique from all of the million other gray-and-brown shooters out there (I'm looking at you, GeOW). I'm not really liking the new style.

FangBlade3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

ROFLMAO! still the same engine.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3247d ago

^^^ sure it is we all know you want this game :)

Antan3247d ago

The new "abilities" are persistent rather than one-time use like equipment. You'll use them like you use grenades. Only 2 shown were active camo and dash, but expect more.

Halo theme is not in.

This is not Halo 4.

Cut scenes use a handheld camera style.

New grunt currently nicknamed 'keg grunt'

The engine has been 'gutted' and just about every aspect overhauled.

Voice actors faces will be mo-caped.

When performing assassinations old one-hit kill replaced by third person animation - but "there is a good chance that Reach won't feature instant assassinations at all"

During playthrough, the player is inside a building and skirmishers speed toward him and he didn't manage to take down a single one.

For Dax
"More immediately apparent though, is an entirely new timbre to the AR. It sounds markedly more powerful than the otherwise satisfying chugging stutter heard in previous games".

Bigger environments encouraging exploration - in co-op, the teleport is far less strict. You can be in one area and your buddies in another.

Night vision as seen in ODST is in.

Motion tracker shows elevation.