Be the Origami Killer in Heavy Rain DLC

A french website recently interviewed David Cage and it bore fruit to quite a few revelations. Cage spoke specifically about the Chronicles DLC for Heavy Rain laying out what's in store for us...But what came as the most exciting bit of news is the fact that one of the other DLC's in the Chronicles will enable you to play as the Origami Killer himself and will let you find out what circumstances led him to become the monstrous serial killer that he is....


Heavy Rain Demo to release on Feb 11th on PS Store. The post has been updated.

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Bereaver3225d ago

I'm sorry but this blows my mind.

The first time I've been stoked about DLC.

alphakennybody3225d ago

haha! I'm in the same boat as ya

DMason3225d ago

I 100% agree with you. This sounds like the coolest DLC. To be able to walk in the footsteps of a sociopath like that will be very mind blowing. Watching a monster being created and reenacting it will be very creepy.

Kalowest3225d ago

David Cage said the DLC is more like a prequel to HR, but still i didn't think it will be this deep. HR=60$, and a prequel/DLC where you can play as the O.K = priceless.

Guido3225d ago

It'll beat out the horse armor any day! Makes me want the game even more.

nix3225d ago

when in the world are sony going to bring PSN cards in other countries other than US and Europe????

actually it was a good thing because i would have bought all those PSN games.. and gone broke. heh heh heh.. BUT I WANT THIS DLC BADLY!!!! )x

LONEWOLF2313225d ago

ahhh man thats gonna be killer!
Cant wait for this beautiful title to release.

ceedubya93225d ago

Definitely shaping up to be a great story-driven experience.

snaz273225d ago

dont you have any psn friends that can buy off the store? good friends obviously... well if you do and they get HR dlc, ask if they can give it to you.. all you gotta do is login his account on your ps3, and download anything they have for free... i would say HR devs deserve the money, but i dont like talk of dlc before the actual game releases! also doesn't this give stuff away about the game? and as its heavily story driven, thats a shame.

NeoBasch3225d ago

*sad face*

This is exactly what I had in mind with a game I was working on. Now I'm all sad and stuff. The idea was supposed to be original. Heavy Rain beat me to the punch. Still, mine has a slightly different twist. So all's not lost.

The very fact that Heavy Rain utilizes a concept like this, just makes it that much better. I love Quantic Dream, and wish nothing but success in their future. This will be extremely exciting. Hopefully, shocking. I believe the industry needs this. Nice call David! :D

Christopher3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I've actually expected this. You always need a sympathetic look at the antagonist when following such a story.

@2: It's unlikely that you'll perform much in the way of murder. More than likely it'll revolve around experiencing a great loss and his downward spiral thereafter, up until his first victim, where it'll likely fade to black.

MyBlasterRunsHot3225d ago

Thats awesome Ironstar had reported this a while ago http://www.ironstarmovement...

Pillage053225d ago

beat out horse armor? I think you may be jumping the gun a bit on that one :P

UltimateIdiot9113225d ago

I'm more curious to know if your actions as the OK will influence the main story. Probably not but would be cool if your action as the killer could change the story. Like maybe depending on how you kill the victim, the main story characters might act differently.

vickers5003225d ago

This is crap. The game isn't even out yet, and they are planning dlc? It should already be on the disc. Why are you commenters so happy about this? The other day in one of the bioshock dlc article, everyone was up in arms about them announcing dlc before the game came out, yet now everyone is happy and cheery that they are going to be ripped off for something that should have been in the original game.

I guess it's because this site is full of extremist hypocritical fanboys, and a ps3 exclusive gets extra special treatment as opposed to a multi-platform game. You know guys, if you are going to be complaining about multi-platform DLC pre-release bullsh*t, but not exclusive DLC pre-release bullsh*t, then you shouldn't comment at all, because you are obviously biased hypocrites.

SoapShoes3225d ago

Shut up vicker! Geeze, you do realize that not all DLC is the same? Some is very worth it and others are not. This DLC happens to have a very good concept and will most probably be a nice chunk in size. Not everyone says PS3 exclusives have great DLC, I remember tons of people saying Killzone 2's DLC wasn't worth it.

Chubear3225d ago

.. now THIS is how you do DLC.

goflyakite3224d ago

oo, i'm happy there's going to be a demo.

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Kalowest3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

FOX News is going to F up everything, i can hear it now. P(person)

P1. Today's Headline is about Heavy Rain, a game were you can play as a Serial Killer, and kill kids, what do you think about this P2.

P2. While.. games nowadays are just too Violent, and have too much Nudity, did you see that female with her breast showing( think to himself, man them tits like good)P3 do you have anything to say.

P3. Yes i do have something to say, this game is worse than the actors in the AO movie, me and my son was watching.

P1.......Was the acting that bad.

P2. How did your 8yr son take.

P3. Hes okay, he asked for Heavy Rain for his PS3, like a good parent i told him no cause it was rated M for Mature.

gryfindor13225d ago

@kalo west: Heh heh. and this is something where Geoff from GT cant exactly go and defend the topic. Imagine him trying to fend off those FOX news heathen by saying, "Its a mature game and they want to show the mind of a serial killer is and how disturbed such a person can be....they want to show how a serial killer is born"

yeah if they will listen.

Redempteur3225d ago

dexter happenned .now serial killers can be cool too

mrv3213225d ago

Nope basically what'll happen is they show the worst bit of the game play it how it is unintended... then talk about school shootinga. Then get some people who haven't played a game since the 70's and get one Video Game rater who HAS PLAYED the game but you keep cutting him off.

and it's parody

The media... especially fox news is stupid and biased. BBC is so far the best I've seen news wise... due to the media who SHOW VIOLENCE REAL LIFE VIOLENCE! Made me turn to games who remove the political argument and any side.

Fanboyism IS BETTER than Fox Bias

LiquifiedArt3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

...That you have all been brainwashed.

FOX news is the only right wing news corp. that exists.

I enjoy it. Its much better then being brainwashed on how liberals are for "Helping" the people. (Laugh) An elitist doesn't care about you. They never have and never will. Do not trust the politicians, with anything but the smallest and modest agendas, or they will take your freedom.

Whether it be, lies of healthcare(libs), or lies of terrorism (repubs.), they are utter fabrications. Liberals are , however, the greater evil for AMERICANS. The progressive push to socialism is in full effect.

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gryfindor13225d ago

And genuine is this? can we trust the french :P

Redempteur3225d ago

i can garantee that the info seems legit

cyborg3225d ago

D'uh. We have our sources in place. Read our post carefully and you will find something verifying this.

We translated every portion of the original information. So, yea the French aswell as this source can be trusted. If you still have your doubts, go and find yourself a french translator or start taking some french diction classes.

THE MAX SPEED 213225d ago

All new layer added to the game. just imagine stalking the victims and trying to kill them.

blahgasm3225d ago

Quantic Dream has some balls but I really don't think they will have players controlling Origami because he targets kids. If it was adults, I would see it being a little more likely, but not with kids.

iceman063224d ago

However, I actually hope that David Cage actually allows us to take the actions of the Origami Killer even IF it involves the taking of a child's life. Not because I am some sadistic sociopath, but because it will enhance the intent of the game. Putting gamers in situations that are socially and morally uncomfortable and allowing us to make decisions. Since it IS a mature title, I would think that Cage would give adults the benefit of KNOWING the difference between reality and fiction. The WORLD at large might not be ready for this, but as a gamer, I AM.

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