MAG Japanese box art revealed

Amazon has revealed the Japanese box art for MAG.

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jjohan353225d ago

The japanese box art covers have been really bad lately. You guys remember the hilarious Uncharted 2 box art? I could have sword it was Metal Gear from Nintendo days.

TotalPS3Fanboy3225d ago

Why does it remind me of that communist hand symbol?

Chubear3225d ago

JPN box art for gun games aren't at all attractive to NA gamers. That's cause NA doesn't look at guns the way JPN does. For JPN, this type of box art works best.

Any other box art outside of the shooting genre, JPN box arts usually rock.

CaptainMarvelQ83225d ago

the hand dosent fit with the background

timmyrulz3225d ago

Just imagine how bad this game will be if out of the 256 people playing at once, 200 are spawn campers!!

raztad3225d ago

No need to imagine such a nonsense, MAG aint COD.

red2tango3225d ago

omg who the hell comes up with these crappy box arts man?

TooTall193225d ago

Regardless of box art, I wonder how many people in Japan want this game.

Chubear3225d ago

Surprisingly JPN had a much higher than normal presence in the beta for MAG.

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The story is too old to be commented.