Uncharted 2 Gets More DLC And Gold Treatment In Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is putting Uncharted and Uncharted 2 back on the market in a gold slipcase. The classy looking Uncharted 2 Twin Pack will retail for 7,980 yen ($88) when it arrives in Japan on February 18.

The announcement came with more Uncharted 2 news, a new schedule of DLC. Here's what Uncharted 2 fans can look forward to.

January 28
Demo (free)
Additional content pack 1 (free)
- Multiplayer Skins from Resistance 2, Infamous, and Killzone 2 characters

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WildArmed3226d ago


This sounds awesome:
April 15
Additional content pack 3 (price TBA)
- Multiplayer cooperative mode
- Four multiplayer maps
- Five multiplayer skins

But this sounds EVEN BETTER:
January 28
Demo (free)
Additional content pack 1 (free)
- Multiplayer Skins from Resistance 2, Infamous, and Killzone 2 characters

I can't wait to try those crazy ass skins from R2/infamous/K2.
MAN, ND just rocked my rocks with this schedule. Here I thought they were slacking off now.

FamilyGuy3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

WTF is going on with my face! I can't stop smiling :)

I had no idea they were gonna add skins from other sony game worlds.

Friggin' Sweet!

It's fake :(
Those Killzone 2 renders are no challenge to find. The shop work is decent but the pixels of each character model stand out way too much because they have jagged edges. Uncharted 2 doesn't have jagged edges...

You ba$tards! LOL

DaTruth3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Damn you Demon's Souls! Why do you keep me from this game??? Always pulling me back in for more! Again and again; Not allowing me a minute of anything else! Meanwhile my Uncharted 2 collects dust!

Why won't you just let me go???

I'm on New game++ and am still finding new weapons dropped by regular dudes!

LtSkittles3226d ago

Oh, thanks Naughty Dog for the awesome Birthday present. The Skins sound awesome.

WildArmed3225d ago

it's not fake.. IGN also confirmed it (well kinda)

FamilyGuy3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

What's that twitter post pennywise mentions below. Have NaughtyDog devs cleared this up yet?

Still nothing new about these rumors.

WildArmed3223d ago

The only thing that's changed is the price.

it's 5.99 for 7 costumes xD

soooo bring on the next pstore update!

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darkwing3226d ago

why do the pictures look fake?

Lawrst3226d ago

The most likely are... The Killzone 2 one is the ugliest screen from Uncharted 2 if its real.

Mc Fadge3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Lighting is all wrong in the KZ2 one, and I swear I've seen these characters in the poses they appear in the screenshots.

Would be awesome if it wasn't though

FamilyGuy3226d ago

They're looking more fake by the second and now that you mention it. Why on earth would THIS site get this info first? Before it's even on the official NaughtyDog site no less?

fantasygamer3226d ago

aww i think its fake too but this would of been a neat idea :(

DigitalAnalog3226d ago

That would be nice, Drake and Cole killing off Helghasts and the Chimera.

Awesome Slip-case, but are the multiplayers skins for real?

-End statement

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