Nier - Story Trailer HD

GT writes, "Nier must brave many dangers in a world full of uncertainty to save his daughter in the upcoming epic from Square Enix."

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coolfool3223d ago

No comments. No one interested in this game?

Not sure the graphics looked that great and they didn't really reveal enough of a story for me to discern whether it would be interesting but the music sounded epic.

FamilyGuy3223d ago

I feel pretty alone in my wanting of this game. It's interested me since the first trailer I saw with the freaky looking enemies and characters and it looked like a action rpg reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts.

What's everyone's deal? Though SD version of this particular trailer makes the game look like crap though, but the audio/soundtrack sounds promising bordering on epic.

Highatus3223d ago

Looking not too bad, has my interest for now.