CVG: Dark Void Review

CVG writes: "Void (noun) - a completely empty space. Yeah, that about sums it up for us. As hard as we peered into Dark Void we struggled to see a shred of originality, or a spark of excitement that lifted the game above anything other than beige mediocrity. In a world of Modern Warfare and Gears of War, this game is a bit of a non-entity; a completely empty space.

The main problem is that, even with the jetpack mechanic (which we'll get onto in a minute) Dark Void simply doesn't excel at anything. There isn't a single memorable moment in the game - a moment that made us sit up and think "wow, this might be pretty cool". Worse, it kicks off with one of the shoddiest prologues we've ever been subjected to.

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unknownhero11233225d ago

I was going to rent it but I might just save my money. although, I might just rent it anyways to form my own opinion.