Microsoft: Natal Is 'A Huge Investment' and 'Fraught with Risk'

Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal camera could potentially lead to some very new and exciting gameplay possibilities, but it's up to Microsoft to prove that its platform is worth the hype. Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios, is fully aware of this. Spencer responded to a question about Microsoft being known for taking fewer risks when it comes to first-party developments, but he countered that, if anything, Natal proves that's not true.

"This picks up the discussion about Natal very well, because if there isn't risk in Natal then I don't know what's keeping me up at night. We're trying something completely new where there's no device in your hand. We're trying to build a set of new games, new experiences that will have the same quality metrics of our past games, but really entice both existing 360 customers and new people. It's a huge challenge, a huge investment and it's fraught with risk," Spencer said.

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interrergator3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

lets hope it works then im intrested to see yours and sonys motion controls now lets see the games for this new tech

nighmare233224d ago

Microsoft I think have nothing to lose on this we all know Big M have money so whatever they are trying to do i think they are going to push hard at it. at the sametime its up to us(GAMERS) to decide if we want it or not. Natal could be something big we will see how things play out down the road...