Pachter: Epic Regrets Signing Exclusive Gears Of War Contract With Microsoft

The all knowing Michael Pachter had a lot of things to express on Game Trailers Bonus round, one of them being his belief that Epic Games now regrets signing a deal that would keep the Gears of War Franchise exclusive to the Xbox 360.

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Blaster_Master3224d ago

I regret buying Gears 2 almost as much as I regret buying MW2.

GiantEnemyCrab3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I don't regret it at all. The game is fantastic and the SP is even better than the first. Still, one of the biggest and most successful new IP's this gen..

And a reason why I think Pachter is full of sh*t yet again.. Gears stands on it's own just fine and beats %98 of the crap that's come out this gen. But if MS hadn't got behind it like they did and even working with Epic before the 360 launched it would not of turned out as good sales wise.

Look at Unreal Tournament 3 and how that worked out.. It was a multiplatform pile of sh*t and the sales sucked, the support for it sucked and it died a quick death.

"“You’re up to 11 million PS3 in the US and probably similar number in Europe, you got a 20 million addressable market with a game like Gears of War, I mean that thing would easily sell 3 or 4 million on the PS3; that’s a lot of profit.”"

LMAO! The platform exclusive games that Sony focus on and market don't even do that good on average..

Are you going to say the same thing about Insomniac? And there games didn't even sell as well as Gears did..

Pachter needs to get back to calling out console sales wrong and get off this ridiculous thought.. And I say thought because this guy just pulled this out of his arse like most thing's he does no basis at all.

blue7xx73224d ago

Why would you regret buying gears of war 2 its a great game and please don't say broken multiplayer because its been fixed a long time ago. Great single player campaign mode and the multiplayer is great especially Horde mode. Anyways I doubt epic regrets it they have said that they are grateful with what Microsoft did to the gears of war franchise and how they made it as big as it is today.

cLiCK_sLiCK93224d ago

Are you guys serious?? Yeah, I know MW2 wasnt all that great. But Gears 2 was still a great game, clearly not the best, but still worth a decent 60 dollars.

Blaze9293224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

So I guess every developer who signed/signs an exclusive deal regrets/will regret it then?

EVILDEAD3603224d ago

Pachter is getting so much attention that he'll say anything..

The 360 community MADE Gears what it fact Microsoft spent a fortune tailoring the 360 to the specs Epic wanted to make the best game possible.

Oh but now they regret it?

When you do 5 million plus per game there is ZERO regret. Even when Epic tried to replicate the success and try to make Unreal Tournament 3 a timed PS3 exclusive it didn't work out (thats is what they regret)

The truth is with all of the F-boyism in this generation of gaming.exclusives get all the attention. Just look at article after article this year talking about exclusives. Some multi-plats get drowned out with all of the chatter.

I call him Pachter the late reactor..because he's never ahead of the game..he mostly reacts after the fact. He believes that because Modern Warfare 2 blazed the planet and rose to the top of each consoles sales that it would happen with every big exclusive if it were multi-plat. Not true..that was lightning in a bottle that was building since COD 4 and exploded. As I predicted ALL last year.

Pachter believes after this round of games are released that there will be no 3rd party exclusives. Not even close..good try though

erathaol3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Among the things they talked about on the show, they mentioned God of War III was delayed and that cost them sales. Every God of War game has always been released in March, as the month of March was named after Mars the Roman God of War.

Megaton3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

@Crab - Unreal Tournament 3 was awesome. Unfortunately, being a die hard UT fan, it seems like I was the only one who thought so. That series has always crashed and burned when it was put on consoles, but it thrives on PC.

Regarding Pachter's latest mouth turd, I don't think Epic is regretting anything. Gears wouldn't have sold half as much if it didn't get Microsoft's extreme marketing behind it. It was the 360's first real "AAA" game, and they marketed the hell out of it because it was coming in the same window as the Wii and PS3. I remember that summer, before everything came out, they had produced an entire 30 minute program on MTV about Gears of War. Calling it the game to stop Sony's upcoming "juggernaut", the PS3. Even had f*ckin' Bill Gates there all like "It's gonna ship this fall for 360, right Cliffy?"

Hisiru3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Yes, gears 1 sold 6 million on the x360 and Gears 2 sold 5 million + Microsoft published (and probably paid for the exclusivity).

Only Pachter can say such bullshit.

""“You’re up to 11 million PS3 in the US and probably similar number in Europe, you got a 20 million addressable market with a game like Gears of War, I mean that thing would easily sell 3 or 4 million on the PS3; that’s a lot of profit.”"

LMAO! The platform exclusive games that Sony focus on and market don't even do that good on average..

Are you going to say the same thing about Insomniac? And there games didn't even sell as well as Gears did.. "

Good point, Crab

Killjoy30003224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I think it's just because Epic has a really good relationship with Microsoft and they enjoy working on Xbox 360. This is evident when taking into consideration that Shadow Complex is exclusive to Xbox 360, not to mention how great their engine works with the 360 hardware.

There's nothing wrong with this. Insomniac and Sucker Punch are the same way. They just have a good relationship with Sony.

I think what separates Epic from imbeciles like Gabe Newell is the fact that they've at least dabbled in Playstation 3 while Valve has yet to hire a single programmer. Epic likes and respects both Sony and the PS3, they just prefer working on the 360. Gabe Newell, on the other hand, resort to downplaying everything Sony has achieved and is currently working for.

I personally think every should just leave Epic be. They produce good games and the Gears IP is a fine addition to this generation's catalogue of great franchises. Epic will take a serious approach to PS3 when they feel it is time. Nothing Pachter the laramie says will ever influence Epic to do anything, especially when they have raked in so much cash on Gears and UE3. Money isn't the issue, it's interest.

thegood333224d ago

Yeah, and you can also say that Uncharted 2 would have sold around 3-4 million more if it was also released on the 360. Who cares. These predictions are just plain stupid. I hate when people talk for other people. Waste of time.

Blaster_Master3224d ago

It was boring, and the controls were sluggish and retarded. Want me to go on?

green3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Because of Microsoft publishing, funding, advertising,marketing and bundles they have established Gears of War as one of the best selling new IP's this gen.Because of all of the above that Microsoft did, it made the sequel sell over 2.1 million copies during its open weekend.Patcher really needs to look at the sales of other new IP's this gen and compare it to the sales of Gears 1&2.

Apart from the franchise selling 11 million, does he know how many millions of dollars Epic has saved going exclusive by not needing to create a separate dev team, royalty payments, publishing, advertising and marketing.If Patcher thinks that Epic games has the slightest of regrets then the guy is seriously delusional.

Bigpappy3224d ago

I agree with everything you said. Nothing to add, nothing to take away.

johnnywit3224d ago

I just bought gears2 3 nights ago and love it. After playing games like gears and Uncharted, TPSs is the way to go for me. I love aiming and it feels like the action is more intense as a TPS. About Epic regretting there deal with MS, I don't know but didn't gears sell really well on the 360? It has a huge fan following and great support so why would any developer regret that?

killedinaction93224d ago

Blaster master you haven't played the game or you must be really terrible.
The controls are a lot better than gow1.
If you said the shotty sucks i would have agreed (the latest update has made the shotty a lot more fun though).

GUNS N SWORDS3224d ago

Respectfully I disagree with patcher. I don't think any company would not like being advertised as how Gears of war 1 and 2 were. with bundles made with their own custom images on the console, billboards that are sky high everywhere, commercials that are over the top, down to even some as simple as a action figure.

When it comes to showing off a franchise Microsoft does do a lot for it's own titles. they're very big money spenders on the that subject.

Killjoy30003224d ago

Gears controls sluggish? Gears' gameplay is very tight and the controls are responsive. You're reminding me of those people that complain about the Killzone 2 controls being "laggy," and "delayed," when in reality they just suck. I won't make the assumption that you suck right off the bat, and I'll accept the fact that you don't like them. But don't state it as fact, because I and millions of other gamers loved them.

Greywulf3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Stop pretending UT3 got fake CGI commercials with dom crying under a scarlet carson.

Wasn't the price even reduced for it?

Say whatever, but UT3 wasn't a significant franchise to the console audience, at all.

Yes guns, MS advertises its exclus... Halo & Gears so much.

The Lazy One3224d ago

so that means they don't regret it at all?

StanLee3224d ago

Utter, fcuking, bullsh*t. I've just about had enough of Michael Pachter! 11 million copies sold, 2 billion dollars in merchandising. Gears of War would never had achieved it's success being multiplatform title. In a generation where multiplatform means mediocrity, the singular focus of a platform and it's fanbase has benefited more that hurt the Gears of War franchise. Michael Pachter has again proven himself a fcuking moron but then again, when has he ever been right about anything!?

SilentNegotiator3224d ago

Since this IS Pachter:
"Epic Regrets Nothing"

IdleLeeSiuLung3224d ago

Looking forward to the next installment!

badz1493224d ago

you're now doing "mind reading" aside from the usual "opposite predictions"? clap clap

Sub4Dis3224d ago

yeah cuz epic has done so poorly having it exclusive to 360....

but seriously, that guy is easily the least informed and knowledgeable of the guys on that show. and he's the only one that poses his points of view or beliefs as facts rather than opinions.

vhero3224d ago

I think he means they regret it as they didn't expect it to be such a big game. Most games that sign that exclusive deal do it for the cash and don't expect the HUGE following like Gears got. They would have no doubt made more money and fans multi platform but such is life. The first 2 games are now 360 exclusives get over it people I did.

FACTUAL evidence3224d ago

Well guys...that's what happens when you're money hungry. No doubt, but gears is still a good selling IP. It probably would of played horrible on ps3 anyways, Uncharted is good for the 3rd person needs, thanks anyways guys.

Udidntlistenpunk3224d ago

So yes, the third gears is going to be multi platform.

y0haN3224d ago


Not going to comment on your trolling, but stay in school. Your grammar is terrible.

D4RkNIKON3224d ago

Gears is the only exclusive that I would buy if it came to PS3.

WildArmed3224d ago

Gears 1 n 2 are great games.
I never regretted buying them, but I do feel sad that not everyone can experience Epic's finest work

Guido3224d ago

As far as I am concerned, the games luster was lost on the first one. It was new and exciting the first time around and the second one got too heavy handed to the point where I wanted to puke. Sorry, but I honestly don't care about the Gears story any more and if I never play the third one it won't bother me a bit. The only thing they regret is the sales they would have gotten off the PS3 so shame on them for being near sighted and stupid by getting into bed with MS.

II Necroplasm II3224d ago

Gears of War 2 was fun and great for a couple of weeks but the online was f*cking atrocious.

Consoldtobots3224d ago

"Gears of War would never had achieved it's success being multiplatform title. In a generation where multiplatform means mediocrity, the singular focus of a platform and it's fanbase has benefited more that hurt the Gears of War franchise."

expect to have this quoted next time 360 fanboys want to argue about how great the 360s 2010 lineup because it has all "teh multiplatz".

Dandiego3224d ago

If they wouldnt have bought the exclusive rights to Gears they would have bought something else. It could have been worst like GTA or... who knows COD or maybe a bunch of lower profile but still great games like Dantes Inferno, Fallout 3, Bioshock... people have to realise Sony and Microsoft have budgets to buy some exclusives...

8thnightvolley3224d ago

patcher sure is talking a load of bullshit... coz epic doesnt regret nothing those guys made a hell of a profit on the 360 with gears.. the community is strong i dont play it again as such coz of all the mp issues but ppl still do and for them to tolerate all this bullshit damn.. its a shocker..patcher and failed again i think he didnt get any sugar from his wife that is y his is talking crap... as usual..

gaffyh3224d ago

A lot of you guys are incredibly stupid, Pachter isn't saying that Epic regrets being exclusive to 360, he is saying that they regret signing an exclusivity contract till Gears 3.

Because no doubt the 360 made Gears a big franchise, same as Halo on Xbox, but now if they released Gears 3 on PS3 and 360, they could be looking at MW numbers for the game.

If Halo was multiplat at launch, it would have got zero recognition. Though I honestly believe that Gears would not have gone under the radar as multiplat, as much as Halo would have if it was on PS2 as well.

otherZinc3224d ago

Why are reviewers & writers not saying they should go multi platform? Because no one on the Wii or 360 wants those games!

Also, it would be foolish for Epic to make a game on the PS3 because the PS3 cant do co-op over a campaign without it being cell shaded & look as good as Gears!

Oh, I'm wrong? Tell me of a game on the PS3 that isn't cell shaded that looks good in co-op. Operation Flashpoint you say, it looks like crap!

Also, Mass Effect 2 will push 2milion NPD in January & February.

ThanatosDMC3224d ago

Pachter and his magic crystal ball sure is always funny!

Christopher3224d ago

Wait a minute... is Pachter changing his tune now? Does he believe that developing for the PS3 is suddenly... profitable?

Blaster_Master3224d ago

Yeah I am one of those people who said the controls sucked in KZ2, but I far from sucked. I got trophies to prove it. BTW, Killzone 2 at least was fun though. And to the guy who said something about the shotgun. Dude all the guns suck in the game, especially the lancer. Having to empty a clip into someone to have them get back up and revived then double teamed was retarded. Also, anyone who said the controls weren't sluggish in Gears has probably never played a game with good controls. Wanna know a game with perfect feeling controls? Uncharted 2 pimp smacks gears in that category. LOL @ holding A button to run and no aim reticule while firing from the hip. Losers. The game is as sluggish as a snail.

DeadlyFire3224d ago

Well Epic does have Bulletstorm and Nano.Strike trademarked. They own a studio called People Can Fly as well now. It is very likely that one of those things will be revealed at E3 this year.

There is no reason to follow what one person says though.

The Happy Baby3224d ago

...and see how many things he's been right about.
Pretty much, zero.

slinkey1233224d ago

honestly, gears would be just another game if it was multiplatform. Its a good game, but i dont think it would be any where near as popular

Qui-Gon Jim3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Microsoft certainly had some to do with the success of the Gears of War series, but the main thing that made it a success is the fact that when Gears of War came out NOTHING compared to it. Gears was the first real "next-gen" game. Even other 360 games in that first year looked barely better than Xbox games. I remember the first image i saw of any at-the-time-next-gen games was an image in EGM of a creature from an unannounced game that turned out to be the Brumak from Gears.

Exclusivity was probably the best choice at the time, but now it is keeping them from getting several million more sales, so I could see them regretting it. Pachter might have heard this from people at Epic, or this could have been just a "throw away" comment that he spurted. Either way, whether Epic regrets it or not, it is what it is: exclusive, so what Pachter says doesn't affect us gamers. Actually, what Pachter says is only supposed to be for the benefit of shareholders anyway.

And however many copies it has sold as exclusive, I bet Epic would appreciate selling more as multi-platform if they could.

Edit: comparing Epic to studios like Insomniac makes a good point, but I think being a so-called "second party" studio is different than being a third party studio with an exclusivity deal for one franchise.

f7897903224d ago

Pretty much the only game that has ever tempted me to by a 360. The online fee stopped me.

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Ninji3224d ago

All developers regret signing exclusive contracts with Microsoft.

Chubear3224d ago

*SE looks on with tears in their eyes saying* DON'T LOOK AT ME! I'M HIDEOUS! :(

Dutch Boogie3224d ago

Man i regret buying a pos60 just to play gears 1 and 2. What a total downgrade for my taste of games after playing ps3 exclusives. Glad i sold the whole damn package to some 12 year old loser.

It's quite sad because if given the chance, i believe epic could achieve more with the ps3. Guess we'll never know. Oh well better luck next gen.

DelbertGrady3224d ago

Must indeed be a loser if he bought an imaginary 360.

ssipmraw3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

a loser none the less, along side the many others

Sir Ken_Kutaragi_3224d ago

...CliffyB(oys)...and Epic 'STUCK' with the MAXED-OUT xBox 360!!! ;-D

TheXgamerLive3224d ago

hello wannabe's, still making up stuff?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3224d ago

Poor Cliffy B, he's stuck with a maxed-out console that goes RRoD if you push it too hard ... On top of that it doesn't has any games but Halo and more Halo. =(

4point7BillionLoss3224d ago

And every PS3 exclusive could sell 6 or 7 million on xbox

Are you all 5 years old? ...of course you are ... LBP fans with yellow teeth ... droids ... lol

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GiantEnemyCrab3224d ago

Gears 2 is exclusive... MS published Gears 1 on PC and requires GFWL.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3224d ago

fact also remains that GoW1 was said to never be coming to PC and we saw what happened there. point is that Pachter can't even get a simple fact like that straight...

Hisiru3224d ago

Gears 1 isn't an exclusive but Gears 2 is an exclusive for the x360.

thegood333224d ago

No gears 1 wasn't exclusive. The ten or eleven pc gamers left in the world bought one or two copies.

Arnon3224d ago

"The PC is the largest single platform for games with annual worldwide revenue of about $11 billion. This is more than any of the console and portable systems from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Even in North America and Western Europe the PC is the leading single platform for games with over $6 billion in combined revenue from those markets."

"PC by far the most common gaming platform in the world"

"In 2008, there was an estimated 228 million game-ready PCs in the world, with this number expected to surge to over 600 million by 2013."

but I digress, and you're right. Nobody really gave a sh*t about Gears of War on the PC.

y0haN3224d ago

I got Gears on PC, it's a decent port (after the patches) and having more than 30 fps (i.e. > 60 fps) is always welcome.

mastiffchild3224d ago

Yeah, my 360 was MIA when I got round to playing the first Gears so I got it for my PC and thought it was a great effort, actually, and IIRC it even had extra SP content too. I honestly feel it was tight of MS to push Epic into keeping the second one 360exclusive after letting PC gamers get into the first one and am concerned about what might happen in future after Fable2 and AlanWake either didn't appear on PC or have been shelved(in AW case). AW would be particularly annoying to the PC community after seeing the PC version in screenshots and video for the last five years only to first have the games specs cut back and then their version pulled completely.

Anyway, I digress, but the point is Gears1 was a good PC game with decent sales considering when it released and to deny PC gamerrs the second part of the trilogy when they were p[laying the first is a nasty thing to do to gamers, imo. I get why MS would do it but, still, what a shame for PC only gamers or gamers who preferred the first game on PC.Also pic don't regret Anything about their Gears exclusivity. The game sold REALLY well and the decision made it what it is today-a massive MS franchise. It would sell well on PS3 , no doubt, but the PS3 tends to sell it's games at a middling level across the board while MS and 360 has a leaning slightly toward shooters slling a bit better, imo, because of the massive number of Halo fans on the system mking a big difference to the demographic(not a dig but an observation. Why do some people think you're insulting the 360 when you say you believe shooters appel nore to it's demographhic anyway? To me it just looks and seems obvious).

Pachter always talks crap, gets everything wrong and STILL gets a platform and payed for this nonsense! Amazing. Gears2 still isn't as good online as it should have been on the day i8t shipped, however, imo and it's been ages getting it to even work in a decent way when it SHOULD have been amazing from day one as when it works perfecly it's still a great online game-even if Horde Mode is the most overrated mode in the history of online co-op and multiplayer. Seriously, we seem to have to have a similar effort in every game these days and, to me at least, they're just a little dull with their "more of the same but MOAR" gameplay mechanic. Prolly just me!

My mate was reckoning that MS were about to do a deal with Bioware to make the final part of the Mass Effect trilogy fully exclusive to the 360! I think he's talking completely put of his arse myself but just imagine the sh1tstorm if they pulled that one off!I can't see Bioware ever doing something like that, mind, as they know most of their fans are PC gamers but as a thought it would be a really aggressive move to try and get more gamers on board with MS's console wouldn't it? Again, though, I just cannot see it happening.

Whatever, point is Pachter either comes out with rubbish like this or states the bleedin' obvious with no actual backable insight in between. He's almost become a total joke figure of late and trhis outburst won't help the way gamers view him and , if this is what he does privately in his work it makes you wonder just who pays for this stuff.

Dev8 ing3224d ago

The reason PC gamers didn't like Gears was because there are much better games on the PC. When your only other options on the 360 for shooters is mass effect and Halo you're gonna think that gears is awesome. But PC gamers have much better shooters than Gears so relatively it sucked on PC but was awesome on a console.

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Bzone243224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

And in related news...Wedbush Morgan regrets signing exclusive BS predictions and analyst contract with Pachter.

ClownBelt3224d ago

That made me laugh, and I wasn't expecting it.

chrisulloa3224d ago

Why does Pachter always assume things for other companies when he has absolutely no say in things?

Anyways, Ninji is an idiot. Someone take his bubbles, so our eyes don't have to look upon his pathetic comments.

Waldex_Encore3224d ago

Stupid POS, o wait... XBOT!

Ownejj3223d ago

U ps queers wont be able to play gears for all the crap uve given it, so go to ur non gamer console riddled with fillers, and stay the fcuck out of our pages jesus