5 Reasons Games Should Aim For Lady GaGa Not Citizen Kane

NG writes:

"Where is it!? We must have it! Without it we are nothing, we have nothing, and we are worth nothing in the eyes of those to whom it matters. No you idiot, not gaming's Citizen chuffing Kane, that particular meme is nothing but ground trodden by writers with nothing better to say and for readers who want to be smarter. No, I'm demanding we find gaming's Lady GaGa."

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exnihilonihilfit3247d ago

Don't bother reading it, and don't bother approving it. There's no comparing Citizn Kane to lady GaGa, and since games are indeed cinematic but have nothing in common with pop singers, this article doesn't even make sense. I'm surprised the author wasn't embarrassed enough to not post this.

wardrox3246d ago

"Don't bother reading it". I see you took your own advice?

How about reading articles and responding to what they say, rather than your interpretation of what the title means?

exnihilonihilfit3246d ago

I couldn't have made such a suggestion without reading it, and I was considering writing a point by point argument against this nonsense, but I decided against it because it would be a waste of my time as I found reading the article to be.

But honestly, the most important thing that this article neglects is that in its attempt to suggest that Games should stay current, like Lady GaGa, it fails to consider the timeless impact of something like Kane. Lady GaGa will be forgotten as soon as some new pop sensation jumps onto the scene. Citizen Kane will be remembered for ever. Believe me, this isn't just about me having some love affair with Kane or some dislike of GaGa. It's about the principles that govern the way Movies, Games and Pop Music are made. Games are far more like Movies, and what makes a great movie is very similar to what makes a great game. That similarity does not exist between pop music and gaming.

Let me give you an example. What was more important to gaming?

Final Fantasy VII, more of a Kane like experience.

Guitar Hero, more of a gaga like experience.

You may want to believe that this is a matter of opinion, but every self respecting gamer, even the ones who hate FF and FFVII in particular, know the correct answer.

wardrox3246d ago

That GH is far more influential as it lead gaming into the mainstream and proved that plastic peripherals can work?

exnihilonihilfit3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

NES made gaming mainstream and proved that plastic peripherals can work long before Guitar Hero was dreamed of. Guitar Hero has sold no systems and the only other peripheral games spawned from it were games exactly like it. Guitar hero is just DDR with a guitar instead of a pad, so guitar hero really changed nothing. Original NES had additional peripherals and brought gaming into almost every household in the western world. People don't buy a game system just to play guitar hero, it's too much of an investment. If you really just want a system for that, it would be cheaper to get a real guitar.

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