Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Producer Reveals info During Interview by Capcom

Producer reveals why Dante from Devil May Cry, old school Megaman, Resident Evil, Speed Racer, Samurai Pizza Cats, Phoenix Wright, and Fire Emblem characters were not included in the game.

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Goomba123226d ago

They better make a sequel with allllll the characters they did not include.

Smacktard3226d ago

And, uh, so why no Amaterasu?

Or y'know even Susano would've been VERY cool :D

Goomba123226d ago

I still scratch my head about the ones they DID put in.

John_Dylan3226d ago

They couldve made Maya a representative for the PW series and create a move set based on magic and spell casting. Like her green gem necklace would hover a bit and her melee attacks with have a bit of a purple aura around them.

Speed Racer could have his skill set based on dashes, and he could headbutt using his helmet and throw it at enemies.

WOuldve also liked to see the KNight from Ghosts and Goblins included, and maybe a monter from Monster Hunter. But then again the Wii can only handle so much.

Smacktard3225d ago

i dont think you have any idea how technology works

princejb1343226d ago

they gotta port this to the big systems
like foreal

N4g_null3226d ago

Only if you buy the test games which are blaze blue and marvel vs capcom. Which I think both sold pretty bad. Man hd guys are so hardcore! Seriouly you may want to get a wii it's got the king of tighter collection and the sam showdown collections for cheap. And there is a sick fighter joystick for them also!

I'm not sure why you guys don't like fighting games no offense but may all hd gamers are only good at camping and spamming.

Whitefox7893225d ago

What the hell do sales have anything to do with this? Marvel vs Capcom was already a good game and a success before the PS2 and Xbox came out and Blazblue has just as much success as a fighter that it has a sequel coming up and a port of the first game directly to the psp. Sorry to break your news too but I own a PS3 and I play a VARIETY of games not just shooters.

Also why does it matter what a persons strengths are in a game I mean yea personally camping and spamming is annoying but if it works then I guess it works its like in the fighting genre you look for an opponents weakness exploit it then go off into a massive combo.

asdr3wsfas3225d ago

He's insulting you because he implied the wii isn't a real system without realizing blazblue and MvC sold like crap. Blazblue is an arcade game btw, it's not like it cost as much as full development of a fighter.

If your goal is winning a video game there's nothing wrong with spamming. If your goal is having fun there is. If your goal in playing a video game is anything other than having fun that's ridiculous.