Feedback G4TV: PS3 Beats 360, But Nintendo Destroys All

Do not adjust your calendars, we are not yet in the bewitching month of Smarch. Feedback has now officially moved to Wednesdays, and now serves as your reward for bravely making it through half of the week. This week's show dissects the December sales numbers, as we all marvel at Nintendo's ever-tightening stranglehold on the American market, both home and portable. Combined, the Wii and DS sold over 7 million units in the month. That is what is referred to in the industry as a "happy holiday."

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unrealgamer583252d ago

of course sony beat 360 in sales, if they do another price cut I'll buy one for my niece. =]

Nihilism3251d ago

"But nintendo destroys all"

The story of this gen.

Haters can hate, but nintendo did it right.

Anyone gaming for graphics sake should get a clue and get a decent PC, wii is the console king, and PC is the graphics king.

Danja3251d ago

Wii is No Console King .... Nintendo took a gamble and got lucky and hit gold with the casual market , soccer moms , grandparents all in one ....The Wii is a good console with a lot of great games , but its also very dated.

PS3 and 360 are the console kings , right now the PS3 has the crown but the 360 is miles a better console than the Wii and the little saying on N4G ...:

"Sales doesn't equal quality" : well that goes for the Wii also ...

offwhiteazn3251d ago

and microsoft is the modern warfare king and sony is the action/adventure king. shut up.

Nihilism3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )


Yeah you're right, the sony line up is pretty casual.

Hack and slash and shooter-lite/puzzle based tomb raider rip offs, i'd say that ps3 is for kids if anything.


The Wii offers something unique, something which the ps3 and 360 are desperately trying to copy.

mikeslemonade3251d ago

Nintendo doesn't count. It's a toy. Therefore PS3 beats all.

ZoidsRaven3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Video game consoles a marketed as a platform to play games on. So essentially, they are all toys. If they are marketed to do more than that, like PS3 is, then dchalfont is in fact right. They are trying to copy the PC rather than being a home gaming console. Not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with it.

AKNAA3251d ago

"Anyone gaming for graphics sake should get a clue and get a decent PC, wii is the console king, and PC is the graphics king. "

Wii is console king in terms of sales..Thats what you mean Rite??
Sony has the best exclusives so far and I could care less gaming on a pc.

artsaber3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

You said "Hack and slash and shooter-lite/puzzle based tomb raider rip offs, i'd say that ps3 is for kids if anything."

That is about the most sarcastic or the dumbest statement on N4G since it became a website. The PS3 is known for its more mature audience. There is nothing about the tech inside the machine that even closely suits it for kids.

Nielsen reports "The result – the Sony PlayStation 3 attracts the oldest male audience, the Wii the youngest. The Xbox 360 stands right in the middle."

You coulda got that from a 5 second google.

EDIT: @below I know you didn't say that... its just that I remembered this from old news/debates. As far as consoles go, the PS3 caters to the most mature audience... and I tip my hat to the PC audience because as much as folks would like to discount them, they cannot. But I don't see anything kiddie about Kratos, and there is plenty Tomb Raider type adventure mixed in that game.

Nihilism3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Quote where I said Wii gamers were older...I did not.

I am not a wii gamer myself.

PC gamers are even older than console gamers on average so I don't know what your point is. The ps3 is not unique, the Wii is.

The fact that nintendo sells well is because it offers a different experience to the others, it's obviously not because of the games...

Ilikegames763251d ago

the Wii is competing with the PS2 as it still has standard definition. It only adds the wiimote to the console. Remember when someone said that Wii is just two GC duct taped together or an overclocked GC.

N4g_null3251d ago

If the ps3 has more older gamers then why havnt any true mature games came out? Kratos is brutle but seriously fready courgar where mature movies also right? You do know kids tend to buy those types of games. Where are the dramas suspence and documentary games?

Hd gaming is more like sports they don't require skill and you spend millions on them to argue who's better lol when the whole season was lame.

I'm sorry more adults are playing wii. Guys in college are play xbox. Blu ray watchers are watching blu rays. That's about it. Sony did make a toy dog last gen right?does the pro gamers even use ps3 games?

Ps3 is for broken xbox360s and sticking it to ms lol. The game play on the ps3 is climbing sim, car sim, and lame movie sim, along with console sim since their games have no replay value. Comic books are read by more older kids also. No offense but your living in make believe world. Ps3 sells to tech fiends and blu Ray adopters.

Who the hell beats on their chest about flops and fpu performance. I'm still asking where the hell are the gamers games can we get some games that we don't feel the need to trade in. Who the he'll cares about the year of Sony we just want some damn good games seriously.

Why does the wii have the only good 2d game out. Why did the wii focus on being bc? Why did ithave motion controlls first. Seriously eye toy does not predate the power pad nore the power glove or light gun for the nes.

When is video games going to take priority over push disk formats for Sony?
They seem to care more about keeping their pr web sites going than giving us good games. Can Sony make a better 2d game or even motion controlled game.

If Sony doesn't fix the above the ps brand will be nothing more than a fad. They are taking steps but at this point I'd rather see nec return. Ps3 is for grown ups is a myth. I've seen more ps3s on a shelf in a kids room where they have to ask to turn it on lol. The highest sell ps3 games are still casual versions of real games.

sikbeta3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )


1."Haters can hate" -> like you do

2. "wii is the console king" = cuz of teh salez, right?

3. "PC is the graphics king" = Great lesson learned today, GRAPHICS are The More Important thing EVA, doesn't matter if the game is the most Average, cliche, low-brained game cuz Graphicz are da best so is da coolezt...

4."Hack and slash and shooter-lite/puzzle based tomb raider rip offs, i'd say that ps3 is for kids if anything."

Mmmmm...Pal, the same can be said about your Almighty PC, since the days of DOOM to this days with Crysis, oh, and another thing, for you better graphics = Mature Game?

Graphics are important, but not more important than the Game Itself

Trevorthenerd3251d ago

ps3 is a toy too since they are using the motion controls as there primary controller... :O

Immortal3213251d ago

It's like the Sony guys want to be number one by disowning the Nintendo Wii while the MS guys rather the Wii to win.

yippiechicken3251d ago

you sure know how to get people riled up! That's why I love watching for your posts. They always get people's panties in a bunch! :)

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OGharryjoysticks3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

The real reasons the Wii is killing is because of the balance board for one. The fatties are buying the stuff like Twinkies and fat doesn't matter what age you are. As far as age goes, the old people have been playing Wii bowling in Wii bowling leagues at the retirement home, and they don't care about better graphics or control since most of them can't see good anyway.

But keeping it real gamer - Natal has more potential to sell because it looks like at least fatties might be able to get into a Natal excercise game (well, not only that but every 360 owner is so used to add-ons and extra fees that they are all going to buy it sooner or later) while Sony's controller can't really provide the workout game, and outside of the old people bowling and the late 30 something fat chicks who are too embarrassed to go to the gym what's really left.........that's right, it's the fanboy core.

RyuCloudStrife3252d ago

The real reasons the Wii is killing is because they are a family oriented FUN TO PLAY CONSOLE ;)

jmare3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

80% of people don't play their Wii 6 months after they bought it.

It may be fun to play, but it gets forgotten quickly.

EDIT: Good job seferoth. Please explain why the only games that sell are the ones that people buy with a Wii.

Seferoth753252d ago

Wii has twice the playtime of the PS3 in every Neilson survey done so far. It also a similar attach rate.

duplissi3252d ago


maybe if you reside in an asylum and enjoy waggling your arms about doin the same thing over and over and over again then yes the wii is fun to play, if that doesnt describe you then its about as fun as a paper cut....

Fierce Musashi3252d ago

Twilight Princess 5m+
SSB: Brawl 9m+
Super Mario Galaxy 8m+
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 11m+
Metroid Prime 3 1m+
Resident Evil 4 1m+
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles 1m+
The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return 1m+

5th Devil of the Ful3252d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I'm sorry but, where is the evidence to support this "fact" of yours? And why post it all of a sudden? Don't tell me your butt hurt over the sales? Then again, isn't that why Wii bashing is so popular on this site?

Be honest, who would be bashing the Wii had it been in last place?
Edit: 1 disagree? Don't tell me I hurt some poor guy's a$$?

SaiyanFury3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

@2.3 Seferoth

Nielson surveys are subjective at best. They started coming after me and my wife 3 years ago for surveying our TV usage habits. Every year, we tell them the same thing; we don't watch television or any kind of subscription based service, which is typically what Nielson looks for. My 61" HDTV is primarily used for my PS3, both for media usage and for games. I typically spend 60+ hours playing a single game on my PS3. The difference in consoles tends to be between games. Wii games might be played longer on the average simply because the people who play them just play them like Wii Sports, for the sheer accessibility. On the norm, though, the average Wii game is not nearly as long as most games on the HD consoles. There are a few like Okami. My wife has it on her Wii and she played the ass out of it, completing it to 100%. But the large majority of games on the system don't compare to the overall length of games on the HD consoles. Assassin's Creed 2, for instance, took me 50 or so hours to get through. Oblivion recently took me 156 hours to play to completion. I don't think the Wii has games quite that in depth for length of play. The system might see overall longer playtimes, but that doesn't mean the games are nearly as deep with individual playtime.

But hey, ultimately who cares what system is played more? As an individual, I'm very happy with my PS3/Xbox 360 as they see most of my time. If other people play the Wii as much or more than I play my systems, who am I to criticise them? As long as they enjoy their system of choice, that's all it's about. :)

N4g_null3251d ago

Who still buys ps3 exculsives? Fact look at the charts no one. Fact who is still waiting on the year of the ps3.... A bunch of grown men that act like hiphop gamer. What the he'll do you guys do between ps3 exculsives trade in old games watch movies oh maybe download gigs of unfinished demos and play the Internet hype game.

The goty games for the ps3 can not even get halo addon numbers WTF. If these games where so goty then why hasn't one ps3 exclusive sold like a xbox exculsive? Maybe the blu Ray is canibalizing your sales, maybe those games are only worth renting, like most Sony movies.

I'm glad ut2 got goty some great artist over there game designers not so much. Which brings me to the hd guys main problem the game designers are all freeloading on the art guys.

Most of them could not make a fun game without wowing you with graphics. It's true the trade INS show and prove this every year. Also no system has ever had as much shovelware as the ps brand and no system has ever had so many 10 million sellers just from the 1st party.

It's obivious you guys believe what you want to believe yet we will see who is happy with their game collection in the end. Seriously gta4 lol now every one admits it sucks. Ps era gaming is dieing it's getting buried in it's best suit also. Ethier show up with game play and replay value or go home.

N4g_null3251d ago

Sai fury have you beat all of your ps3 games yet? If so why do you play them any more? Online play right unlockables huh? How about sheer challeng?

Have you beat any of the metriods yet? What about mkwii? Oh and no more heros is a preety hard beat em up. What about paper Mario? Excite truck, fire emb, bwii, hell even zak and wiki might be too much for you.

Then we have nsmbwii you beat it right? No! Really so what have you beat on the wii? If you have not beat any thing then how do you know how much play time it has?

You like your ps3 only there is no justify that other than using bias. Good for you but you do not represent most gamers just like how most gamers do have cable and watch ufc and sports on it along with every thing else.

Basicly you are a minorty among a futher split minority. You Guys can not even agree on what games are good just look at your goty year sales. Prettysad for goty.

Trevorthenerd3251d ago

I hope you sony fanboys enjoy motion controlls as much as we wii fanboys do since sony said that they are using the ps3 dildo as the primary controller :(

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Raoh3252d ago

if you check the best sellers in most websites its wii, wiimote + wiiplay, wii fit and wii fitness board..

ps3 was able to pull it off, even after MS announced its own price cut after sony, and then followed up with a bunch of $50, $100 rebates and get a free game offers

tunaks13252d ago

People flaming Nintendo for appealing to "Casuals" will soon find their beloved Sony and MS are trying to do the same,
I mean look at the Natal preview at E3, that screamed casual, same with the wand (to a lesser degree)

Get ready for a huge amount of shovel ware flooding your PS3s & 360s

ryano232773251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

We flame the Wii because we are gamers and the Wii has catered the casual market and hasn't got a single game that interest me for my $400 investment.

Lucky my 4 & 6 year old boys find a use for it, when they can't play the PS3. Own 80+ wii games and 10 (the top 10 in sales) are worth playing.

Give me a hardcore game that is at the depth of what I play on the PS3. Madden is not the same on Wii as it is on PS3, 360 or even PSP.
I want depth, even if I'm throwing arms around. We the gamers now made Nintendo and I feel like I've been F'd in the A$$.

I also believe that Natal and the PS3 wand will hurt themselves, because mum is really gonna go buy a 360/ps3 for its motion after forking out for a Wii and all the shovelware that 4-13 year old kids would have no idea that there are 2 products with a better range. PS3 even has a range for casuals as is now. MS not so much.

sikbeta3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )


Say whatever you want but THE GAMECUBE is Better than your beloved wii

Those games I played on it were Amazing, sure I can buy a wii and play the same games with slightly update graphics and the title changed, but at some point is more than enough, I don't want to Play SSB melee and then buy another console to play SSB Brawl and then what?, buy another console to play SSB Brawlee?

This is a Business and Nintendo know that wii print money, so I only can expect a wii2 with more casual [email protected] and the same First Party Games with TLoZ being the only exception

xaviertooth3251d ago

everybody knew that will be the case eventually. so much for the 1 year headstart in US/Japan and almost 2 years in Europe.

what i'm really surprised was how xbox destroys itself with no compelling games after 2007. now we can agree that xbox only plays no-brainer shooters and specifically it only plays halo. why don't we call it halobox instead?

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