Official SEGA Emulator Headed to the iPhone

STP writes: "Titled Ultimate Genesis, this emulator program is scheduled to be released onto the App Store in early February for the low, low price of free. The software will come bundled with one free game, Space Harrier 2, and will launch with four games available to buy as in-app purchases: Sonic the Hedgehog ($5.99), Golden Axe ($4.99), Ecco the Dolphin ($2.99), and Shining Force ($2.99)."

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cje3223d ago

I think that the $2.99 price point is about right for these old titles. When you consider the AppStore market, I don't think they can get away with the higher prices they ask for these games on other download services.

mrthedge3223d ago

I hope they improve the controls. All the reviews I read of Sonic and Golden Axe said the controls were sub-par.

Bnet3433223d ago

People enjoy playing these games with the touch screen? Weird ...

George Sears3223d ago

Pfft I got one for my Ipod Touch with a buttload of games. A little bit late to the party but I won't mind "buying" it from the "app store" when it shows up.

BYE3222d ago

I got Columns from the App Store some time ago and it was so awful I played it for maybe two minutes and never again. Columns is such an awesome game, but not in this terrible condition.

Sega first have to prove themselves in order for me to ever buy another iPhone port again.

Cutter203222d ago

Sega has put out a lot of awful ports to iPhone (Columns, Sonic, Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe) so they have to prove that this emulator is not going to be slow and terrible.