17 Billion Hours Logged on Xbox Live So Far

For the past couple of days, a few G4 staffers have been discussing the pros and cons of Microsoft and Sony's approaches to their respective online content offerings.

Anyway, the general consensus has consistently been that Microsoft really got its act together (eventually) in terms of Xbox Live, and thanks to Microsoft's social media lead for Live, TriXie, they now have some rather staggering statistics to quantify just how popular the service has been since it launched back in 2002.

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Silellak3225d ago

That's a whole lotta hours. Yeesh.

Hellsvacancy3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Thats alot of hours

Edit. Although now thinin about it (as im tokin a fat-1 in the kitchen) its rather pointles knowin summin like that

Its like knowin how many hours people hav spent masterbatin or readin the bible since time began

If it was an article like "How Much Bunce (money) Has Microsoft Made From XBL" then yeah, thatll b summin worth knowin

Bungie3225d ago

good news

XBL revolutionize online for console gaming

keep improving XBL M$

good job

Genesis53225d ago

That was just by my Nephew. I wonder what the grand total is.

deadreckoning6663225d ago

DAMN! Is that including the hours from the original Xbox as well?

Rush-Sykes3225d ago

Ermmm yeah that's off the wall insane :/ am guessing I have added about 100 hours to that in my life time.

Saaking3225d ago

I don't know if my calculations are correct, but that's 1 million+ years of play time. That's is a LOT. Damn. It's impressive.

Blaze9293225d ago

yeah almost 2 million years rofl

Bnet3433225d ago

Converted to years would come out to 1939350 years. Over a million years of Xbox Live time. Gat damn lol!

Socrates3225d ago

Wow, that is a lot of hours. I put in a few of those, he he :)

SixZeroFour3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

for 10million unique xbox live members, thats about 71 straight full days (24 hours) playing, if im not mistaken

for myself, what i know is that i clocked in

about 15 full days of cod4
the same, if not more, for halo 3
id say about 10+ full days of bfbc, and odst each (estimate)
and then a whole bunch of 10- days for other online games like nhl, l4d and l4d2, halo 2, nfs, etc (however i have been playing l4d2 campaign more often recently, playing for about 4 hours at a time

i think i clocked in more than the average player (71 days) and im coming onto my second year with membership on if anyone hears of any LIVE membership deals (for canada), pm me lol

insomnium3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

laughs all the way to the bank (because this wouldn't be the case if playing online would be possible on silver accounts)

Playing REALLY should be free. Then I could be impressed by this. Now it's only disgusting.

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MetalGearRising3225d ago

Well done Microsoft u yet again prove why xbox live is Heads and Shoulders above the rest.


Yes mi brother! XBL is quality at its finest!

I wouldnt be surprised if around 15 billion of those 17 hours were spent on Halo 2,3 and Gears 1,2 alone!!


Socrates3225d ago

It's certainly my favorite online service.

PimpHandHappy3225d ago

i can see MS now
IMAGINE what we could make charging by the min... oh wait thats the arcade HOME thing they are doing is for

Troll_Police3225d ago

That's good I guess. M$ will come up with anything now since they can't sell more consoles than Sony.

-MD-3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

"since they can't sell more consoles than Sony."

I believe that's been accomplished since 2005.

Edit: Disagrees from people unable to handle simple facts.

-Alpha3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Oh yeah, I'm sure they are just jealous Sony is outselling them. It's not about profits (which MS has more of this gen), it's about flexing numbers. Of course, the 360 is still leading Sony, but no, MS is just jealous and that's why why their social media lead posted these numbers.
Oh no, the conspiracies! Thank God conspiracy theories are based on solid facts.


deadreckoning6663225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I agree with Alpha Male. Sony isn't concerned about M$ and M$ isn't concerned with Sony. Their BOTH concerned about the Wii..thats why there investing so much in motion controllers. Its mindboggling that people don't see this.

SiteNblog Defender3225d ago

LOL! I wonder how much PSN has.

Saaking3225d ago

@Alpha Male

Actually, the only thing that MS seems to care about is beating Sony. While Sony is just going for profit, MS wants to take marketshare and beat Sony into the ground. They bash Sony and rush everything. It's pathetic.

Troll_Police3225d ago


"M$ isn't concerned with Sony"

Oh no? Then why did they rush a faulty console to the market? Why do they mention Sony in almost all of their interviews?

Socrates3225d ago

They didn't rush a faulty console to market. There was an issue with the design that gave some earlier 360's a higher likelihood of failing. But that's like saying Sony rushed the PS2 to beat its competitors and that is why the PS2 had hardware problems. No company would ever want to have those kinds of problems to deal with.

Anyway, the oft-repeated claim that the PS3 has outsold the 360 is kind of unsubstantiated. By all the numbers we have the 360 appears to have the same or larger lead over the PS3 as it did when the PS3 launched, so there is no way the PS3 has outsold the 360 for any significant amount of time. Only recently was there a substantial sales spike, which is what we would expect after a major price drop (especially one to the mainstream price of $299) and a complete overhaul of the console's design as well as the way it is marketted. We saw sales spikes when the 360 had its price drops as well, so we can't assume that that sales rate will continue perpetually. Nothing is guaranteed moving forward.

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djtek1843225d ago

wow.. that's a lot of brain washed kids

3225d ago
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