IGN: Fall 2010: Battle of the Motion Controllers

Earlier today, Sony announced the company is delaying the release of its PlayStation Motion Controller to the fall, setting up for what is sure to be an epic battle of console peripherals against Microsoft's Project Natal this holiday.

But who will come out on top?

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MetalGearRising3225d ago

PS3 Motion Dildo is a wii wanna be and Sony has high hopes the wii crowd will abandon ship and come over to ps3.........not gonna happen in a million years who in there right mind wanna play with a Dildo.

Microsoft Natal is Generations ahead and is in the forefront of cutting edge technology trust me everyone who owns a console or pc will want Natal. It's the next big thing.

PimpHandHappy3225d ago

who in there right mind wanna play with a Dildo.

i wish your mom would have

spectyre3224d ago

I'm sure she took him to the playground a time or two. :P

Godmars2903225d ago

Battle of the Motion Controllers: Fail!

The Wii sold on the value of motion controllers as a gimmick. Neither Sony nor MS are going to repeat that. Especially with add-ons.

moneybuyseverything3225d ago

No fight in sight. Sony can try and ride Natal's hype and popularity all they want.

OGharryjoysticks3225d ago

As messed up as it sounds I think Natal is going to be numero uno with the perverts. Without a controller, the naked guy is going to have loads of fun showing the camera a thing or two - if for nothing else to see if it works.

Bet they can't wait for multiplayer matches with the little kid next door either.