BioWare: More Mass Effect After Trilogy Ends

Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer BioWare, says that the sci-fi franchise will live on in other games after the role-playing game trilogy wraps up in Mass Effect 3.

Zeschuk said during today's episode of Kotaku Talk Radio that the Mass Effect property is a "valuable universe," that the end of the futuristic trilogy does not necessarily suggest an endpoint for the series.

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THE MAX SPEED 213224d ago

maybe we'll see another game and we'll play as a new Alien character in an universe far away? that'd be great. NO PREQUEL though.

Nihilism3224d ago

Mass Effect: Texas Hold 'em Poker ( collectors edition )

- Access to the 'V.I.P' room ( oooh that'll be worth an extra $20 for shizzle )

JhawkFootball063224d ago

If the story remains good, then I dont see why the should stop it. The story in the first one was just amazing. I beat the game 2 years ago and I still remember the story. I swear I have beaten Halo 3 like 3 times already but I dont quite remember the story that well.

GameOn3224d ago

Why no prequel? I'm sure you must have played the original ME effect, so why wouldn't you want to play out some of those wars we hear about?

Charmers3224d ago

I see the phrase "all good things must come to an end" doesn't apply to the software industry. They seem to go by a "rape that cash cow till it's skin and bones" philosophy.

I am not sure I want any more Mass Effect games after the 3rd one. However since when did this industry ever listen to it's customers. I will just enjoy ME 1, 2 and 3 then toddle off onto something else.

GiantEnemyCrab3224d ago

Agreed. I'm not interested in ME4 or Shepards Cart Racing.. After ME3 I am done with this franchise unless they do something utterly amazing and different.. Bioware does amazing stuff but "different" isn't their forte. They are the copy and paste kings of RPG.

meepmoopmeep3224d ago

Mass Effect 13

is when they announce it for Playstation at E3


Tony P3224d ago

Way to overreact?

I'm not sure what Bio did to get labelled as the new kings of milking because they have arguably never done it.

When I look at their pedigree and all those critically acclaimed games... I notice none but ME has more than two instalments. In fact, it looks more like every time BioWare has been in a position to squeeze they have flat out refused and moved on to other projects. How many still *beg* for a BioWare sequel to KoTOR or JE or BG? They could easily "milk" these award-winning games and yet never have.

So, it's a bit of a stretch imo to say they're ready to drain the cow dry or w/e.

RadientFlux3224d ago

It would be interesting to see a different perspective on the Mass Effect universe. I hope once the trilogy ends, its the end of Sheppard's tale.

Droid Smasha3224d ago

good more exclusives for MS

Ninji3224d ago

I play 360 exclusives on my PC.

Government Cheese3224d ago

Have fun playing ME2 on your Windows PC you little Microsoft rebel you.


(Ninji) what's Forza3 and Gears of war 2 like? :)

Xi3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Before humans getting their first spectre, and playing as a rouge human having them do some underground super secretive stuff.

A mass effect version of splinter cell if you will.

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The story is too old to be commented.