Bayonetta Review: Stylised Over The Top Action, From OXCGN


"Bayonetta seems to be quite the rage at the moment, and it needs to be in good form as well in order to take on the likes of THQ's Darksiders, which was also released on the same day. Both are action games, both feature gigantic enemies, both have a battle between Heaven & Hell but both seem to have faults in different areas."

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BadCircuit3250d ago

I am not the biggest fan of action games but this one seems to be ok. I am not very good at doing all the combos that are required to win a game so I am not sure if this game is for me.

gaminoz3250d ago

When I played the demo it wasn't necessary to do spectacular could basically do what you wanted, like Devil May Cry. The more experienced gamers can do complex moves, while others can button mash.

Is this true, those who have the full game?

FamilyGuy3249d ago

I don't have it but apparently the game is a little "too easy". According to a PSN friend anyways. He set it as his comment so I guess he's a little disappointed with the game.

XboxOZ3603250d ago

To be honest, I can NOT see what all the fuss is about this game.

Is it JUST because there's some woman in the game that wears super skin tight gear, throws her legs open and wide, and swears a lot??

Probably. Because if you check out the actual artwork, it's so blocky, you'd could mistake it for a 1st-gen game, not a modern HD game.

While collecting screens for it, I was shocked by some of the really poor quality of them, and the vids were rather mehhh . .

But I suppose Hack-n-slash followers don't really care, they just want lots of blood, slashing and hacking - I suppose?

reintype3249d ago

Funny, how I use your reviews specially when purchasing multi-plats, which is weird, since I don't have a 360.

I must say, that at least you got to enjoy the better version, while I have to make do with the inferior port.

Though I do enjoy Stylish Action games, Bayonetta just doesn't grab me just like ol' Dante does, not that I'm averse to sexualize games, it's her disproportions that are throwing me off. I'd love to have a chat with the guy who thought of that. He must like buxom women with lanky arms and really small heads. Weirdo.

Based on my impressions from playing the demo, I do agree that it is good, just not $60 good.

cornfedgamer3250d ago

I, too, met this game with skepticism. I generally don't like this genre. And I also dislike many Japanese games.

But Adam Sessler of G4 did a whole "Soapbox" on their web site on how he was really impressed with the game, which will cause me to look at it more objectively.

3250d ago
Gunandthewink3250d ago

The game was alright, but there were just far too many cutscenes... It annoyed me to all hell.

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