EA ensures fans that Dead Space Online will be great

Analoghype got the opportunity to interview an EA rep on all things EA, at a recent hands on event for Mass Effect 2. One of the questions we put to the EA rep was, did Dead Space 2 need online, or was online introduced due to the growing demands for games to feature online components this gen.

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tezzer19853169d ago

U2 had a good online component, lets hope that DS2 has one too

erathaol3169d ago

Are they going to be more Resident Evil: Outbreak style where you can choose different characters with specific abilities to navigate through a Co-Op campaign or even a Left 4 Dead style has just is quick objectives placed between killing hundreds of randomly spawned monsters. Or are they going to go with more of a RE5 Survival Mode kind of thing?

Nihilism3169d ago

online ONLY MP sucks, why can't they have offline modes???

a waste of a gameplay mode for me

blackboyunltd3169d ago

I really hope its not a cop out and it be another Horde mode clone

interrergator3169d ago

i hope its not another horde mode i think we had enough lol.

Torkith3169d ago

I wouldn't mind a Horde mode in DS2, Sure it's been done a lot recently and the actual mode is repetitive in itself, but it's fun. As long as the single player campaign remains great, I have no issue with whatever the multiplayer has to offer.

Pein3169d ago

agreed it would suck if it was horde

Excalibur3169d ago

was a fantastic game, it doesn't need MP.

Kalowest3169d ago

Agreed, DS doesn't need MP, the same way Bioshock doesn't need MP.

redsquad3169d ago

I'd feel better if they 'ensured'(sic) us that the addition of online hasn't affected the single player campaign at all.
In fairness it probably hasn't, but the excessive enthusiasm for MP elements in games these days, often at the expense of the SP experience, has made me wary.

Excalibur3169d ago

That is my biggest fear.

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The story is too old to be commented.