Top 5 Upcoming Nintendo DS Exclusives in 2010

The Nintendo DS has always gotten great exclusive games thanks to its overwhelming popularity in addition to the unique features. The currently announced 2010 DS-only lineup is already looking pretty solid.

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Digitaldude3222d ago

Cannot WAIT for investigations.

Hisiru3222d ago

I think that "Again" should be mentioned (even if it's not on the top 5):

LtSkittles3222d ago

Just got a refurbished DS lite today, and put done $5 towards Soul Silver :D.

subzero-083222d ago

Can't wait for SoulSilver. Gonna spend so much of my time on that game.

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Lavalamp3222d ago

I think that new SGT Frog RPG is worth mentioning at the very least. The recently released trailer is awesome!

AWBrawler3222d ago

Sgt. Frog is coming to the US? or is it import only?

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