US computer brands gone in 20 years?

Hooked Gamers writes: "According to Stan Shih, founder of Acer Computer, the United States will no longer be a force in the production and distribution of personal computers. Mr. Shih says that the US will no longer be able to compete in the low cost computer market. He says the US will be out of business with in 20 years and that the Chinese will take the market over completely during this time."

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TXCrowe3221d ago

Here is the thing... Cost of living and worker pay in China WILL RISE over the next 20 years. Making them LESS profitable.

All the American Companies that outsourced to INDIA are seeing this now.
As more demand/jobs entered India (tech support) wages grew. Companies are now slowly moving OUT of India to find the next cheap place. No place will ever be cheap forever. That is the Catch.
China has been becoming more and more capitalist over the years. They are not really "communist" anymore. China just became the biggest Automobile market in the world...They aren't all riding around on bikes anymore. China's middle class will grow, causing wages to rise. (At the same time America's middle class is shrinking. It will be a cycle.

Roper3163220d ago

Maybe if the American companies worried more about making and releasing a quality product something like this wouldn't be a concern. But lead by MS and the low quality products they make and sell it is only a matter of time before the floor falls out from under them. The American automobile industry is in the same position now for the same reason. Selling inferior products at outrageously inflated prices just to pay some bum an over inflated salary they don't deserve. It makes me embarrassed and sad to be an American sometimes.

Bloodshoteyz3220d ago

it makes me sad that your an American too. o_O

RBdrift3220d ago

Why would it make you sad that Roper316 an American?Quiet honestly he's 100% right.When I'm not a gamer I'm a contractor and its pathetic how many American people are clueless of how China has the U.S. Government and American private corporations by the balls.In the industry I work in many businesses have closed completely.I'd say at least 70% has been wiped out because of Chinese contractors who do everything for nothing. In case you dont know what that means,it means that puts tens of thousands of hard working American people out of work.If China would also raised the value of there Yuan(Chinese currency)it would be a huge step in stabilizing the world economy.In case you don't know what that means,It would mean more JOBS which is what our country needs at this moment.Thats why our current administration and other world leaders are pressing China to raise there value but there negligent in doing so because they know they'd loose American companies(investers)in China.Bloodshoteyz take a good look around your computer as your reading this and just count and list how many products are around you that are made in China,and also list how may products you own that are made in the U.S. .I'd be willing to bet thats a nice long list of products from china.
I'm no economist but I know the facts that our killing my industry.
Sorry to everyone that I kept rambling.This is just a topic thats really sensitive to me,especially when ignorant people talk from out of there a$$es and think there patriotic.

Sarick3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Just yesterday there was an article about the cost of a PS3. What people didn't evaluate was this.

It seems even Japan has found that the cheaper manufacturing cost of china has allowed them to mass produce cheaper technology.

qface643220d ago

outsourcing annoys me sure its cheap now but later on down the road i don't see it being worth while

hoops3219d ago

Which is one reason why Sony TV's are no longer industry leading. When you outsource to China you lose quality. Its cheaper to produce because of cheap labour etchowever quality drops. Just ask Apple about this.

Sarick3219d ago

Wasn't the 360 manufactured in China? The one that had the RROD? I see what you're saying. Now that Sony is also having the PS3's produced there do you think slims will suffer in quality just as harshly as the 360's?

Bush3220d ago

This has been going on for years stuff being out sourced to other countries why would a company have to pay that much money in wages and taxes. If a company like Dell were to bring a cheap laptop to the market made in the states they would loose money with the cost of the product with materials, wages for the employees, and taxes that go to the goverment. When they can have a laptop built in China at half the price keep the labor price down probably half the taxes and Dell still walks away with a fat wad of cash and thus turning the savings onto the customer. The only thing I hate about outsourcing products is a person looses their job to overseas where it is cheaper and they use chemicals that are banned and have a hostile work place I would rather stop the outsourcing and pay a little more knowing someone still has their job.

Ju3220d ago

True. The thing with the outsourcing and cheap consumer products is, eventually consumers need jobs to buy those products. I am wondering what people in the future will be working to afford even those cheap products...

SaiyanFury3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

This is one of the big problems with unions. They demand higher pay and less work for the employees, eventually driving up costs for companies. As well with higher taxes imposed on companies by the government in the US, it doesn't surprise me that companies are outsourcing jobs to places like China where labour is very cheap. Things were bad under Bush, and are no different under Obama. Both administrations were lousy for labour, and don't help out American businesses. Lord knows unemployment here in the US is higher than 10%. The last time it was that high, to my knowledge, was under Carter in the early 80s. Less union involvement and less government regulation would be good for the private sector. Obama wants to tax business owners who earn over 250,000 dollars, which basically equates to small business owners which basically are the upper echelon of the middle class. When government calls the private sector, "the enemy", no one except the government wins.

Majinzo3220d ago

All americans should start worrying now. I AM!!! oh wait never mind .... 2012

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