My360: Bayonetta Review

My360 writes: "Bayonetta is a monstrous fusion of some of the most outrageous combat ever to be seen in a video game. It goes beyond the boundaries of everything we've already experienced in the hack-and-slash genre (of which Devil May Cry made mainstream back in the early noughties), compounding everything gamers love about wild Japanese storytelling as the backdrop to complex combat mechanics. Developer PlatinumGames has conjured up an experience so very much worth taking, if not because it's so much damn fun, than purely because of the cool factor so aggressively tied to this beast of a title. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest action titles of all-time."

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Pennywise3226d ago

These 360 sites are cracking me up with their over inflated scores for this game.

This game is an EIGHT - TOPS.

Rikitatsu3226d ago
Might as well call every reviewer on the interwebs an "xbox"