Green Day: Rock Band Not Only Rock Band Title This Year

Gamervision: "In an interview with Newsarama, Paul DeGooyer, Senior VP of MTV Games, let slip a few details about the upcoming Green Day: Rock Band game Harmonix is currently hard at work on. When asked about skepticism towards a game featuring the punk rockers, DeGooyer first defended the game, then said, "It's of course not going to be our only game this year." He doesn't come right out and say that they're working on a direct sequel to Rock Band 2, but this is the first that we've heard Harmonix is working on anything other than Green Day, aside from more DLC or the Rock Band Network."

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Myst3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

You know EA at first was doing good, Beatles rock band was able to stand on it's own in a way. They should have used the workers power to create Rock band 3 instead of just another Band-Game that also has a bundle. Now I know the link states they are already working on a sequel, but more than likely it could have come out sooner if attention was not directed toward this. Did anyone even really ask for a Green day rock band? What would be different anyway to where they would have to make a game for the band versus say DLC? At least Beatles had dual vocals if I recall and something else.

Honestly though If they are competing with Activision over the amount of band related games. I would like to know why...

stevemcqueen193226d ago

slightly disappointed by this news in that they feel a need for 2 games this year, but I'm glad that they'll be working on something other than green day. i could live without them.

dominicm3226d ago

Part of me is all "yay!"

Other part? Meh.

LadyStardust3226d ago

Sad to see Harmonix going down the same road that Activision did with Guitar Hero.

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