Rumour: Zelda Wii Information Leaked

Zelda Wii is most likely the next installment in the series, and estimates say it should be out either this year or next. While Nintendo has done a great job at not leaking really anything concrete about the game itself... rumors are still rearing their head. Now, normally I wouldn't post about a rumor because most the time it's just that, however there is some reason to believe the rumors we have inside. They come from a popular japanese message board called 2chan.

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JosiahB3252d ago

Very cool info. I hope these rumors are true...

Government Cheese3252d ago

Lol good. Remember how the Wii version of TP was mirrored from the original Gamecube version because of the arm Link used to swing his sword

Blaster_Master3252d ago

I didn't even have to read the article to know that 1:1 Zelda motion control is gonna be dope.

Otheros003252d ago

they should of made a sequel to majora's mask.
If zelda gets capture again like most zelda games then that means they ran out of ideas for the plot.

dragonelite3252d ago

Noob ocarina of time/link to the past is the best duhh everybody knows that.

j/k on the noob part
Majora masks was certainly a fresh breath then the standard princess zelda got kidnapped.

The Great Melon3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Anytime I see some Majora's Mask love, I am compelled to reply. Majora's Mask was in my book the best Zelda I played. Part of that opinion is based on the fact that its story was atypical in the Zelda universe and it was also an overall darker game.

Also, the Song of Healing in Majora's Mask remains of favorite of mine. It may be simple however it manages pull at my emotions unlike many other memorable songs.

The Great Melon3252d ago

I find it funny that my other favorite Zelda song is Saria's song which happens to be the song of healing played slightly differently in reverse.

Arnon3251d ago

Same here lol.. I feel compelled to express my feelings towards what is in my eyes, the best Zelda game ever made. It had the most in-depth plot, and really made you love the characters in the game, rather than just traveling from dungeon to dungeon collecting this and that.

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mfwahwah3252d ago

I think he meant it'll be titled Zelda Wii...

FamilyGuy3251d ago

I think he means that no other, unannounced, Zelda title will release before this one. Meaning no DS titles will come before this one's out.

EvilTwin3252d ago

Meh. Nintendo can be CIA-level secretive with Zelda. I doubt they'd leak out details. But who knows? I'll take everything with a grain of salt until E3, though.

SpoonyRedMage3252d ago

Yes and because we know very little about it they can pretty much say anything.

I don't think it's true but the right or left handed choice is a good idea.

The Great Melon3252d ago

Although I understand why they allow the hand preference, isn't Link typically left handed. I might just choose to forgo my right-handedness for the sake of preserving Link's character.

Smacktard3252d ago

Oh god, a 2chan post? A 2CHAN POST?

Sure, they might be right once in awhile, but other than that it's trolls trolling trolls. I'll pass.

blu_yu_away3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Chan sites may be the assh*le of the internet but they have had some success breaking video game rumors, especially Japanese games.

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The story is too old to be commented.