Bomberman Live Impressions shares their preview impressions of the upcoming Live Arcade title Bomberman Live.

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Lyberator3904d ago

Is this 400 or 800 points?

gogators3904d ago

but it's really looking like it going to turn out well. Still 10 bucks and no hard copy has really put me off of late with games in the Arcade. Though Catan and Rushin Attack were both worth the 800 and 400 MS points, respectively.

Lygre3904d ago

I've listened to an interview with the makers of this game talking about the gameplay and its features, and when reading this preview it seems like Bomberman Live will be one of the best XBLA games so far this year, at least on the multiplayer side.

Imagine 8 ppl playing online. That's alot of bombs!!

The only Bomberman action I've had before was when playing Atomic Bomberman on the PC with a mate yeeeaars ago.

Is Bomberman Live out in two days or next week?

DrRage773904d ago

it should be out this week since it is already up on the xboxlive arcade website page...