Tomb Raider 9 Rumor: New artworks emerged

Shao Wei Liu, a conceptual artist at Crystal Dynamics, has published two artworks on her website which unlikely to bear resemblance to early leaked details on Tomb Raider 9 in July 2009.

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MetalGearRising3222d ago

Awesome Tomb Raider it's time to b*tch slap that imposter wanna be Uncharted to the Stone Age.

Heldrasil3222d ago

Yo've got to be kidding? Someone needs to b*tch slap you. "Uncharted" owns "Tomb Raider" hands down. They have over-sexed Lara Croft so damn much there is barely even a plot to the franchise anymore. Once a game is given 2 or more sh*tty follow ups, it's time to hang up the towel.

WLPowell3222d ago

Was expecting it to try to look like uncharted... the last one was pretty decent.