OXM: Bayonetta vs Darksiders

With Bayonetta and Darksiders: Wrath of War , some gamers face a tough choice in which game they should go for. OXM has made it even easier for you. Listed here are the three best points of each game so you can decide which one is worthy of your cash.

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cmrbe3227d ago

Byonetta is like Transformers 2 and Darksiders is like District 9 to me.

WildArmed3227d ago

lol. That is the weirdest comparison I've read so far.

I wonder what you'd call Dante's inferno? XD

cmrbe3227d ago

Its just the impression i got from playing both games. Boyonetta is all flash and no substance and really was aimed for 12-18 year old males like Transformers 2 was. Darksiders is a much more deep and serious game like District 9 the movie was to me. Ok not on the same level but i used District 9 for contrast sakes.

Byonetta is great in terms of combat but when i played it it felt like a chore because the story sucked and the lead is so uninspiring and 1 dimensional. I then realise that the lead was mostly aimed for young teenage males much like Megan's casting in Transformers was to attract that particular age group.

I don't know. Perhaps i am a bit to harsh on Byonetta because i played it after U2 where the characters are so real that you laugh and feel for them when they get hurt. Byonetta to me as a game is more like an evolution of DMC. At least Dante though has a sense of humor.

monkey nuts3227d ago

Well seeing how much more I enjoyed District 9 over Transformers 2 I'd have to agree with cmrbe. I'm 15 hours in (70%) and apart from a random memory overflow bug occasionally rstarting my ps3 when I quit the game, Darksiders has been as enjoyable as U2 for me.

nycredude3227d ago

While i do not agree about Darksiders being as fun as UC2, I finished it last night and have to say that in the 17.5 hours it took me to finish it there wasn't a single minute of boredom! Well made, high quality game with huge world, good story, fun as hell, and good bosses, and the ending has me siked for Darksiders 2.

kewlkat0073227d ago

That game is PURE PURE Action...Doesn't get any better than that.

Darksiders(currently playing) is more adventurous and more like a Zelda meets some other slasher. Better pacing...etc

In the end. No the same type of game.

dorron3227d ago

Different kind of games. Still, I prefer Darksiders hands down.

Bazookajoe_833227d ago

But it´s a mather of taste and i didnt like Bayonetta at all.

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