Rumor: Microsoft Planning X10?

GameZone writes,

"Insider sources have revealed that Microsoft could be in the process of planning another X series event, revealing that the event could take place in San Francisco as soon as February. Previous X events have taken place in Europe, presenting what lies in store for the future of their gaming systems, including the Xbox 360."

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Caspel3225d ago

if this happens, it would be to reveal something big from Microsoft's portfolio.

Bigpappy3225d ago

They could show all the AAA game they will release this year. But, what people really want to see are the games planed for use with Natal. The tech is great, now they need to show some "wow!" games. Even the haters want to see more Natal. They keep saying they want it to fail, yet they follow every article on the subject. They secretly are hoping it is really good and Sony is forced to make something like it or better for their PS3.

Viewtiful3225d ago

Yeah, honestly my bet would be that they're ready to announce they're working on the next Xbox. Wont release until 2011 at the very earliest though. I'm guessing 2012.

MrMeMeMe3225d ago

what about Natal? I thought that was the "next Xbox"

moneybuyseverything3225d ago

You're not "guessing" you're wishing/hoping/praying-coming up with that forced BS comment knowing what MSFT was said and what they're doing.

Caspel3225d ago

money money money money... this is all Microsoft thinks.

UltimaEnder3225d ago

sounds cool, im in if they do!

Kyrwolf3225d ago

if they do, hopefully the next Xbox will be a bit more stable. already eaten through one hard drive following a firmware download. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.