GameZone: The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Review

GameZone writes: "Ever hear the one about the pilot, the bombardier and Picasso?

Throughout its varied and often seemingly incompatible forms, there exist two basic criteria for defining the concept of art - the act of creation and the attribute of beauty. These may be subjective notions, but even with the most embellished arguments, it would be difficult to equate either with warfare, a ritual which leaves the opposites -destruction and ugliness - in its wake."

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Viewtiful3253d ago

I've heard this is actually turning out pretty good. Less lame than everyone supposed at least.

PlainOldGamer3253d ago

Actually i was in the store a day after this came out and saw it. Well I haven't really played a flight simulation game before but I liked the movie it was based on and it was only 29.99$(US) So i thought i would give it a shot. And I'm glad i did! It's a ton of fun, and the missions are really varied and get pretty challenging. I would recommend this :)

Kyrwolf3253d ago

saw a bit of it and the combat looks pretty good. the story elements are a bit lacking, though.

deathofthedead3253d ago

I'm glad I read this. I thought the nunchuk-throttle controls were mandatory. I may actually pick this up.

athmaus3253d ago

looks like an intersting game, might have to check this out :)

pcz3253d ago

can't wait for this