GameZone: Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Review

GameZone writes: "Yes, our man Sam is back in action, and in this new installment, Sam takes on an enemy called Mental. Seems Mental has devised ... er, ah, wait a minute ... This sounds all too familiar. Well, everything old is new again and a game that came out a long time ago has gotten a big-time facelift, and those lucky enough to get it on the 360 or PC will undoubtedly be very happy."

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Viewtiful3222d ago

Meh. Never really got into Serious Sam.

Kyrwolf3222d ago

remember the first time i played a serious sam game and the sheer amount of bullets fired in a five-minute span - it was insane. like FPS titles with humor, though.

deathofthedead3222d ago

I remember these games being mindless but fun. Would I buy it at retail? No. But for a cheap-ish download, it'll be a blast.

athmaus3222d ago

never been a serious same fan... -_-

3222d ago