EA looks to expand the EA Sports Active brand to PS3 and Xbox 360

This is the news, that EA is looking to expand EA Sports Active to PS3 using the Wand controller, and Xbox 360 using Natal. They are however not so keen on using the Wii Vitality Sensor.

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dangert123223d ago

aslong as there is more games on the shelf then fitness and shovel ware i am happy

id' say 80% gamer games 20%fitness party and family games to fill up the shelves its is currently the overway round with the wii

DTClown3221d ago

Any fitness game that is programmed for Natal can easily be replicated for the PS eye. (heck even for PS2 and eyetoy for that matter)

Any Wii game is covered by the PS3 ARC. (Action Response Controller)

Best yet, combine the two methods for the most in depth fitness game yet. Also, imagine the fitness accessories for ARC... 5lb to 10lb barbells that the ARC slides into relaying your EXACT motions and positioning to the game. (are fitness games even games....just software I suppose.)

NYC_Gamer3221d ago

Fitness games on HD consoles this could work