God Of War 3: The Making Of Kratos Revealed

After a sit down with Adam Puhl, lead combat designer on God of War 3, and Jason McDonald, Senior Combat Designer on God of War 3, much is explained about Kratos' new abilities. The also discuss how many of our favorite ways to destroy things were created, and reveal why some of kratos' new abilties in God of War 3 weren't possible with God of War 1 & 2 on the Playstation 2.

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THE MAX SPEED 213221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

This is full of win almost movie like. Jason Waddup my Ninja!!!!!!!

Bungie3221d ago

the hype is crazy

that vid made my day :)

HighDefinition3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

The Speed Of Jason McDonald.

Beating the 1st GOW in under 5 hrs is insane, almost as crazy as that "teh cell" wierdo below.

Damn you Jason McDonald, Damn you.

Kalowest3221d ago

Same video from the GoW3 E3 demo. Sweet a black dude working on GoW3= EPIC.

deadreckoning6663221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

LOL, yeah. Alotta gamers don't know that Kratos is voiced by a black guy. And is it just me or did I just see some gameplay from the final build? Its the same gameplay from the E3 Demo, just updated.

ThatCanadianGuy3221d ago

- I look forward to playing GOTY 2010 come March.What will you be playing bots? -

MetalGearBear 3221d ago

xbots is desperate. If u want GOW3 so badly!!! Buy PS3!!!

TehCell3221d ago

Once upon a time, a man was playing Ninja Gaiden.
He was jelous of how this game is awsome.
He was more jelous when he saw the success it stirred up.
So he started his own game.
Making sure its not as hard.
Just for teh casuals.

Thats how Kratos was made.

redsquad3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Kuh, children these days... No common sense, can't spell and hate on anything to sound trendy.

Bathyj3221d ago

I thought you Xboxers only measured success in sales.

God of War sold more than every XB Ninja Gaiden game combined.

Thats what matters to you guys right?

TehCell3221d ago

@ redsquad
Yes I mispelled "teh" to "the"
I guess Im a child now.

@ fishd
Old meme is old.

@ Bathyj
>Implying Im an Xboxer (whatever that is..)

I thought teh salez dont matter. Make up your mind.
Matters to "you guys"?. Im not part of any group nor cult. Dont get so defensive.

PirateThom3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Kratos went on to rip the ever loving hell out of Ninja Gaiden, a series that died once it went 3D, and made outstanding gaming and technical achievements, winning numerous awards, causing goat murder controversy and being the top of the action game tree, which everything else started ripping off.

Edit: Hey, I bet most of you kids didn't even know Ninja Gaiden on the XBox wasn't the first Ninja Gaiden game... oh no, it used to be 2D!!! WHOA!!

Bathyj3221d ago

Well I thought Xboxer was better than "idiot, bastard, Playstation basher", but I cant call you that from now if you like.

deshon093221d ago

you fail just because god of war is easier to pick up than ninja Gaiden.
it bad lol i love the sigma series and the original game but i would rather have fun than play a game that will frustrate me i could have sworn games were about having fun

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

the funny thing is in ur name you mock all the hype around the cell chip yet its pretty much the reason the ps3 is out performing the 360 in every way. and if you diss the ps3 for no reason then u say u are not 360 owner then what the hell does that make you. a loser who enjoys being negative and a stupid f*ck all the time. maybe there was a point in time where the cell hype was all bs but now the cell is proving its worthyness with games like gow 3, heavy rain , uncharted 2, gt5, yukuza 3, killzone 2.....and so on. when i a 360 game tops the ps3 best game quality wise, then you can make fun of the ps3's cell chip and not look like a complete and utter fool. same goes with blu ray no compression lossless audio, tone of space to work with. no multiple disks.

on topic ninja gaidin better than gow series ahhh double facepalm....when u said that comment did sh*t really spew out of your mouth. you should be banned from this site for saying that. and obviously you havent played the gow 3 demo. gow 3 is epic and kratos is the bomb...and you sir are a tool. ur comments are a waste of space......

bathyj i very muched enjoyed ur response to the cell its funny how you can tell his a moron by his idiotic attempts and coming back from ur call outs.......

3221d ago
randomwiz3221d ago

Once upon a time, a child was looking at God of War 3
He was jealous of how this game is awesome.
He was more jealous when he saw the success it stirred up.
So he commented on an n4g article
Making sure he said something stupid.
Just to make himself feel better.

Thats how "Teh Cell" feels.

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