PBcast Ep2: Bayonetta DOES NOT suck on the PS3

It's Episode 2! My, My…how much we've grown since those age old, episode 1 days. It's been such a hectic week, we had trouble fitting in all the big news and games into one episode. On this episode we talk about:

* Project Natal- Now 100% chip-less!
* Halo Reach news blowout.
* GT5, Splinter Cell and R.U.S.E delays.
* Assassins Creed 3? 2010? Hmm…
* Mario says,"Videogames worse than porn."
* What we've played – Bayonetta, and hey…it DOES NOT suck on the PS3! Believe!
* Oversaturation of music games. Have we had enough of Guitar Hero/Rock Band?

That and much more on this week's episode.

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SasanovaS19873225d ago

funny thing about beyonetta...all these desperate box fans wanting something like god of war, hype up the game to be supposedly better then god of war 3, game receives all these overrrated review scores, then EVERYONE stops talking about the game a week after its release...thats how u know a game is overhyped...

mrv3213225d ago

Prototype in other words.

I think Palinetta looks cool, fun but not my type of game. It does seems overhyped from my point of view.

-Alpha3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I don't remember anybody hyping Bayonetta to be "better than GoW" especially not 360 fans.

It was a multiplatform game first of all and hype was coming from all corners.

And anybody and everybody always calls a well-received game overhyped so your not doing any favors.

What I did notice however was PS3 fans talking down on Bayonetta, but of course that came out of the defensive stance they had on Bayonetta receiving scores like God of War. Anytime a PS3 game is hyped the fans will aggressively look down on everything else. It happened when Demon's Souls won GOTY on GS over Uncharted 2 and it happened a lot of other times too.

Bayonetta was a good game, maybe it was overhyped, maybe it wasn't, but the fact of the matter is that it was inferior on PS3, simple as that. Of course, being butthurt as they are, some PS3 fans acted as if Bayonetta didn't matter all along and went back to putting even more hype onto God of War 3.

exnihilonihilfit3225d ago

I generally find your comments well reasoned, but I think you need to do a bit of fact checking first.

PS3 fans only began to talk down Bayonetta(and few at that, as most I believe still like this game) because the Xbot regulars (bungie, we won, and you know the rest) began to say that Bayonetta was indeed going to be better than GOWIII; along with saying that because this was just another multiplat that runs better on Xbox, the Xbox must be the more powerful system. They really laid into it too, as I recall, one said that Bayonetta was the GOW Killer. Something similar was said about DI, but of course that game hasn't received a review score yet. I'm just saying, PS3 fanboys tend to be more reactionary. If the differences hadn't been exaggerated, I don't think we'd have heard anything negative from the SDF.

Anon19743225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Not that I fully trust VGchartz, but right now they're showing Bayonetta off to a rather slow start, and the PS3 version seems to be outselling the 360 version by over 25%.
Doesn't look like all those positive reviews are really motivating people to watch creepy, small head Sarah Palin on Barbie Doll body fight monsters. Who knew?

-Alpha3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Ok fair enough-- I didn't know that. But why take Bungie seriously?

But sorry, I never read anything like that and only saw the defensive posting by PS3 fans. Regardless thanks for clearing that up and sorry again for the mistake.

-MD-3225d ago

It came out over 2 weeks ago and people are still talking about it including yourself right now.

presto7173225d ago

It just flat out sucks.

Blaze9293225d ago


So a few N4G nobodies classifies as the entire Xbox community? Wow


Oh I see, like Killzone 2 on Every day was a new Killzone 2 article leading up to release then one talked/talks about it anymore.

I don't know who was comparing this game to God of War 3 but the fact that it was done is just stupid as I really don't see ANY comparisons between the two games. GOW3 will win in every department. The fact that you care enough about stupid stuff like that is just sad.

I didn't even really notice any hype for Bayonetta. Maybe that's just me becuase I didn't and still don't give a damn about that game. But all I know is that it received great scores and was a a great start to 2010. Simple. Maybe the "talk" from xbox fans was simply bragging how its superior to the PS3 version, now God of War.

But whatever. Inb4 over 9000 disagrees.

commodore643225d ago

Bayonetta DOES NOT suck on the PS3

No, it doesn't suck.
But it is MUCH better on the 360.

Them's the facts.

Unicron3225d ago

Exnihi, do yourself a favor. Block people like Bungie, WeWon, MGR, etc. If you feed them, they come back. If you ignore them, well, the world is a better place :)

Keith Olbermann3225d ago

Bayonetta sucks on all platforms. Believe!

exnihilonihilfit3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I didn't say that Bungie et al. constitute the whole xbox community, they constitute the whole xboT community. There's a difference between an Xbox fan (someone who really likes or even prefers the Xbox) and an XboT (someone who blindly swallows everything MS throws at them, believes everything about the Xbox is perfect, and who vehemently hates all that is Sony). The same basic difference is also true of PS3 fans and SDF members (for those who don't know SDF stands for Sony Defense Force). I equally despise Xbots and the SDF, both sets are idiots. I may sometimes appear to be more in line with the SDF because I am indeed a PS3 Fan and I am very mistrusting of Microsoft, but that has more to do with what I know of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer and my love hate relationship with Windows. I respect Xbox fans, I'm glad that many are my friends because it gives me the opportunity to play the Xbox exclusives that I don't get any other chance to play. I like the Xbox, and I love many Xbox games, but I much prefer Sony as a corporation and the PS3 and its games as products.

@ Alpha, I don't blame you one bit. After the initial debate I'm sure plenty of SDF members started taking it into other articles as many appear to be doing on this one with no provocation. But at the beginning, it appeared to be the position of most SDF members that GOWIII and Bayonetta shouldn't be compared because they're so very different. As I think most reasonable people can agree, Bayonetta should be compared to DMC, and has very few points in common with GOW other than that they're in the same genre loosely. GOW, in my opinion is a little more transcendent though, because not only is it Hack and Slash, it also relies heavily on puzzle platformer elements.

Alvadr3224d ago

Bayonetta sucks on both consoles

ColinZeal3224d ago

My title refers to flamebait titles.

5 sec loadscreen when pausing? That´s a sign of suckage.

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NotSoSilentBob3225d ago

No it doesn't suck on the PS3 it sucks on both as it is just DMC without a wang and using sex/sexiness to sell the game.

-Alpha3225d ago

I don't think anybody says it sucks-- it just isn't as superior on the PS3 as it is on the 360.

exnihilonihilfit3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

And who said a hero needs a wang? Your using impotence/sexism to make a lame point. For all the DMC comparisons, I find the combat system in this game to be very different and much better. The story and setting are indeed basically the same thing, and for that matter it's just as bad (some Japanese nonsense about magic and angels/demons). But where it counts, Bayonetta is a significant improvement over DMC. The combat system in DMC becomes very dull after a while, but in Bayonetta it has a way of staying fresh, the combos and counter system are just plain better. Of course, this game only has those improvements because of the path that was laid out by DMC, but to not recognize the differences and improvements is like saying that Bioshock is just a rip off of Doom.

pixelsword3224d ago

...or else, they're heroines. ;)

exnihilonihilfit3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

When asking a question like "What makes you think heroes need wangs?" I'm referring to a group that could have wangs or that could not. When speaking exclusively of a group consisting of women, then yes, I would be speaking of heroineS, but when speaking of a mixed gender group, I can either say both (e.g. heroes and heroines) or I can default to the masculine plural and just say heroes. The same is true of all titles distinguished by gender. If I am speaking of a female host, she's a hostess. If I'm speaking of a group of females, they are hostesses. But if I'm speaking of a group of men and women, they are just hosts. Besides, gendered titles are archaic anyway, and in many circles, people no longer use the feminine form of words because it's arbitrary and often considered diminutive. This is further complicated by the fact that not all men have wangs. What of Intersexed (hermaphrodites in traditional nomenclature), transgender or even men who have been castrated?

Bottom line, don't challenge me linguistically, I'll mop the floor with you.

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cyborg3225d ago

In no way do I think does Bayonetta come close to God of War...story and voice acting are a joke...but have to give credit to the combat...which is sublime

gryfindor13225d ago

Comparisons with god of war are stupid...but its much better than DMC or Ninja Gaiden anyday. Maybe DMC 3 story was better...but Witch Time FTW!!!

Seraphim3213225d ago

Bayonetta's cool, probably cooler than DMC! Dante's gotta learn a trick or two from her! ;)

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