Guide On How To Keep A Girl For Gamers

Sometimes gamer guys spend too much time studying game strategies and forget how to keep their girlfriends. William of Gaming Today was browsing through bulletins on Myspace and came across this helpful list on how to keep a girl. It was posted by a fellow gamer, so of course it's a completely truthful list. If you guys go out there actually attempt anything on this list, Gaming Today will not responsible for the results. This is strictly for entertainment purposes and the actions should only be attempted by professionals.

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tony4023d ago

this list, believe or not has few good points. only few.

JsonHenry4022d ago

You are either good with women or not. This guide is not going to help the hopeless nerds who don't understand that women need maintenance just like a car.

Give them a little special time for about an hour or so a day, make them feel pretty and wanted, and then you can do whatever the hell you want to do the rest of the day.

It works for me and my wife anyway.

Diselage4023d ago

I figure i can try a few out here soon, see how they work out. I mean she hasn't left me yet so why would she over any of this right? RIGHT?!?!?

Weed4023d ago

Don't forget to punch her in the face otherwise she'll think you're dull and not spontaneous.

Diselage4023d ago

I feel i almost have too, i don't want her to leave.

OneBubbleBastard4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

They should make a GUIDE called.. "HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND" only for XBOTS...

with the additional 1-2-3 easy steps guide on "HOW TO GET LAID if I'm an XBOT" completely FREE.

Chris_GTR1 (below) - Great comeback buddy.. EPIC

Chris_GTR14023d ago

the makers of the book were also thinking about making a ps3 version of those books but then realized there was no possible way.

Diselage4023d ago

At least you are living up to your name Bubble.

Caxtus7504022d ago

give the one bubble bastard bubbles!!! :P

then he really will be stupid.....

tethered4023d ago

Anyone that clicked on this link really needs help!

Oh wait......



Charlie26884023d ago

LOL!!!!!!!! that was funny

wow hold on a sec now I have 3 bubbles? guess some people don't like to hear things straight

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The story is too old to be commented.