GameBrit - Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 on Wii

GameBrit writes: "2009 came and went all too quickly for Wii owners, with a distinct lack of big titles from Nintendo themselves and third-party efforts that kept hitting the good-but-not-quite-great mark. 2010 promises to be infinitely better for the Wii, just like the other formats, with the return of three of Nintendo's biggest franchises, plus a wealth of other promising games from the likes of Capcom, Ubisoft and Rising Star Games.
You already know the score with the three big titles from Nintendo. Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M and (if we're lucky) the next Zelda are obviously going to be massive titles, and have quite rightly secured spots in every 'top 5 to look forward to in 2010' out there. Though not this one.
"Why is that?" we hear you cry at the back. It's not because we don't think they are worthy enough, but more that we feel you'll probably buy them anyway, whatever we have to say. No, dear reader, instead we'd like to point you in the direction of five games we think will prove to be great stop-gaps between Nintendo's trinity of juggernauts."

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JosiahB3222d ago

Nice list... I cant wait for Monster Hunter 3!

PlainOldGamer3222d ago

Me too! I can't wait too tackle all these new cool Monsters! And the underwater gameplay looks sweet, and how they said the monsters will interact with each other just makes me all the more excited :D