The Most Notable: Overlooked Playstation 3 Games Of Early 2010

PushSquare discuss the best "overlooked" software on Playstation 3 this year, with games such as: White Knight Chronicles, ModNation Racers, and Just Cause 2 all receiving a nod.

PushSquare: "Whenever somebody says, "hey, there's a lot of great content coming to the Playstation 3 this year," the titles on many player's lips are Heavy Rain, MAG, Gran Turismo 5 and God Of War III. But there's also a lot of content due on PS3 this year that's been swept under the carpet a little; ignored by the masses. We're here to take a look at some of the unsung heroes of Playstation 3 in early 2010. Join us after the jump to see what we think is going to rock, and make sure you tell us what's got you in a lather."

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WildArmed3223d ago

Out of the list I'll be buying only WKC >.<
I really want to buy Yakuza 3 too (loved the jap demo) but alas GoW3 n FF13 has me booked.
I think Heavy Rain also belongs on that list.. it'll be vastly overlooked as it's a new franchise and not another FPS/TPS game..

Double073223d ago

Split/ Second is being overlooked imo.

That game looks brilliant from what Ive seen and heard and doesnt seem to be getting too much attention :(

StanRaimondi3223d ago

white knight chronicles is a definite buy for me as well as yakuza and definitely gotta have heavy rain man its so many games coming in the next few months i am gonna go crazy just trying decide what to play

get2sammyb3222d ago

@1.1 - great shout on Split/Second. The jury's still out over the longevity of the title but, yes you're right, it looks fantastic.

@1 - While I worry for Heavy Rain at retail, I think it has been getting all the attention it deserves in the gaming forums/blogosphere.

I think most "educated" gamers know whether this is for them or not; whereas games like Just Cause 2 should seemingly appeal to many but are just not getting the attention they deserve.

Iteresting calls though guys. Both titles deserve further recognition.

jalen2473222d ago

I will buy Heavy Rain and GOW III day one. The rest can wait. :)

But I will definitely be buying all the games listed later on in the year.