The Diablo 3 Year in Review: September 2009

After the Blizzcon-filled joys of August, it was inevitable that September would be something of a letdown. The month was devoid of D3 interviews (though there were a couple with other Blizzard personnel), and most of the best info came in the form of ongoing Blizzcon info presentations. Thankfully Bashiok made a decent number of forum posts, to keep us all from utter despair.

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Leord3248d ago

Fan discoveries are often the best.

When the devs reveal stuff, it's like an orgasm of info, but this is more like a

Actually, I think I'm too tired for thinking =right now, I'll just stop right there in my tracks :P

Cogo3248d ago

I can see you were not originally going anywhere dirty with it and I can see your point.

The BIG releases are like "meh", because they are just handed out, but if someone figured something out, that's a little exciting...

Am I close? :)

Redrudy3248d ago

Orgasm of information? Well, I can say for sure I've never heard it called that before. Thanks for hte continued recapping.

JonahNL3248d ago

And yet another great read! These articles give me more info than actual press releases and such. Amazing, ain't it?

Leord3248d ago

I'm lazy. Incredibly so. I don;t care much what happens, and this type of summary to see if you missed anything over the year is just brilliant! :D

moondragon3248d ago

This is perfect for uss who is not up to date withe diablo community as a whole.

Malfurion3248d ago

I second that, don't have time :(

thetamer3248d ago

I am bored of hearing about Diablo 3 now, I just wish Blizzard would release it.

3247d ago