Top Ten Most Iconic Gaming Weapons

NowGamer: We've all got our favourite gaming weapons. Kill, kill, kill, die, die, die… and so on. But which are the ones that live long in the memory, which are the weapons that define your gaming? Here's our list, see what you think.

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WildArmed3222d ago

The gunblade and Ebony and Ivory would be my fav. on the list.
Great list.
the MA5B Assault Rifle isn't as iconic for me.. (probably because I didn't use it much and didn't get into my head) But the Gravity Hammer and the energy sword would be more iconic for me for halo.

I'd also throw in Bullzeye from resistance... mainly coz I'm addicted to that gun :) and a R&C weapon (lets face it.. all their weapons are crazy)

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Double Toasted3218d ago

...that brought me into Gears, but I rarely use it...Hammerburst & The Gorgon pistol FTW! And I can't forget the Torque Bow!