Luigi's Mansion Sequel In The Works?

Nintendo has filed a new trademark for Luigi's Mansion, despite the company already owning that trademark in the past for its GameCube offering.

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qface643225d ago

i actually enjoyed the first one so i would welcome a second

mjolliffe3225d ago

The site got this info from SuperAnnuation. Yet they don't mention it at all. They want people to think they found it themselves :|

A Cupcake for Gabe3225d ago

Luigi's Mansion is one of the best Gamecube ever made. Very underrated, but at the same time very very awesome. Great gameplay, funny, great look to the game too. I like to think this was the real inspiration for Alan Wake....hehehe

kenpachi3225d ago

yeah its called Alan wake

3225d ago
Udidntlistenpunk3225d ago


Jamescagney3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Yeah it was so funny! I cracked a rib from the laughter!

That's comedy genius right there.

How did you think of that? That's awe inspiring stuff.

matey3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

wow that game was aewsome and if they do another just do it in mario galaxy 2 graphics or even better because that game was graphically ahead of most games that came out years after wow i would buy sequel in a rush plus if they want to do more new play control they should look at rogue squadron with enhanced visuals ect and f-zero gx,oh and beyond good and evil,as well as eternal darkness just bring all them out it would cost pennys and would make alot of people happy add full widescreen and clean the graphics on all of them wow but sequels to all of these games is needed because the audience is always there they dont go away

nogolis3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Great game. Underrated game one an absolute stunner graphically to this day. It was short... But it was sweet. Still think they should opt for a museum, though. Like a Haunted Muesum where he's like called into fix the plumbing one night with Mario and Mario like gets sucked into one of the exhibits. That's what I've always wanted them to do with it. Then it's Luigi's job to save him from different time periods and ultimatley the museum itself.

Just my idea... But I think it'd be great.

nogolis3225d ago

how does Mario is Missing have anything to do with my idea? Because Mario is missing in my idea? Well, he was missing in Luigi's Mansion too... If you played it you'd probably know that.

How about hotel Mario? Probably didn't play that one, either.

ChickeyCantor3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I meant " Mario's Time Machine ".

No need to get all offended.

mfwahwah3225d ago


Wow you got pretty defensive there. Calm down Sally.

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eagle213225d ago

They also could include the first in a special edition or New Play Control.

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