Project Natal: Will Sitting On The Couch Gaming Die Out?

Project Natal for Xbox 360 is going to make you move. But do games like Modern Warfar 3 or Fable 3 work with it? What about sports games? Do we have to move for playing FIFA 11 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 all the time? says no. Sitting on the couch gaming will not die out. Project Natal offers new chances for games and genres to the video game market.

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qface643224d ago

the answer simply put is NO

Noctis Aftermath3224d ago

In all honesty i didn't read the article, but the short answer to the question is no.

Lou-Cipher3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Video Games are not supposed to be a form of exercise.

Video Games are like pies or cakes.

They should taste good, and they should make you fat if you if you have to many.

sub853224d ago

Hopefully not! I want to play my games with an "old school" controller anymore...

MetalGearRising3224d ago

Natal (It only does Everything) and i mean literally EVERYTHING.

Omega43224d ago

You can sit down when using Natal since not every game will require you to use your legs and unless MS makes the next Xbox Natal only then controller games will never disappear.

SebTh3224d ago

Sitting-On-The-Couch-Gaming - n1 one! :D

Voltago3224d ago

couch potatos won't die. but a new type of gamer will emerge, a more active one. sounds good to me.

PCA3224d ago

couchpotatoism ftw!