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Apple, Microsoft Discuss Giving Bing Top iPhone Billing

In 2003, when Apple said its iTunes music software would work on PCs using the Windows software of its age-old rival, Microsoft, Apple made up posters that read "Hell Froze Over." Hell may be getting frosty again.

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Noctis Aftermath3253d ago

So apple are going to use an inferior search engine simply to stick it to google?

wow their business strategy sure is sound /s

JOLLY13252d ago

So you have used Bing and found it inferior? I would like to know what you found inferior about it. Is it that Microsoft owns it? Is it that you are used to using google, so it has to be the superior search engine? What is it?

Dmitry Orlov3252d ago

it's a very interesting question JOLLY1 has asked.
why do people on N4G really hate Bing?

jakethemuss3252d ago

So you have used Bing and found it superior? I would like to know what you found superior about it. Is it that Microsoft owns it? Is it that you are used to using bing, so it has to be the superior search engine? What is it?

See what I just did?

Eiffel3252d ago

We did, but it failed hard. Jolly1 asked a good question, I'd like to see an answer.

crck3252d ago

I have found bing and google to be the same search wise. Both are flooded with sites that use keywords to spam the hell out of search engines and make it hard to find something relevant. But I love the bing cashback program. Has saved me about $1500 in 2 years of shopping.

cmrbe3252d ago

For some reason Google knows what i want to find and get it. Bing doesn't bing that often in my searches. In other words. Google generally always gets the results i want fast and easy.

baum3252d ago

Which is funny because by their logic, as long as people find it inferior (regardless of the reason), it is inferior. The typical sales argument they love to use. The same guys that use the "Halo has millions of buyers, therefore it is good" are downplaying the same argument for google, and the same argument used by PS3 owners about the quality and features of the games that these fanboys constantly downplay are being used for Bing. How ironic (not to say that Bing's actually good though).

Anyway, I have personally used bing, and it is definitely great for finding pictures, but as a search engine it is inferior to google. I have used it too and I find stuff much faster with Google. Hell, you could even say "bu bu bu you need to learn how to use Bing", but sorry, as long as Google is good enough, everyone is fine (and it is more than "just good enough" anyway) as switching to Bing can be a hassle (ever heard of switching costs, fanboys?).

As for other features, Bing has some cool features, but they are features I don't need. Google's features though, are great. And if Bing has the same features, they are either not significantly better, or most likely, not very well implemented (Google Maps is great, I used Bing the other day for comparison and I didn't see any significant improvement, but Google's interface is definitely friendly, not to say familiar).

Christopher3252d ago

I've found better results sticking with Google over Bing so far. For the most part I've found Bing to just be a fad, with results tied to popular demand on one or more sets of your search terms rather than quantitative analysis of the words as a whole and separately. I'm also not keen on how they return certain results, especially for images where I'd rather not have to hover over each image to get the details. UI wise, throwing some color into the mix doesn't change that it's pretty much the exact same layout as Google with the left-hand of Bing being what's normally at the top of your Google searches.

As long as Apple's Safari iPhone browser gives me the choice to keep Google as my search engine in the browser header I'll be okay. Even then, I'll just have to bookmark Google for performing searches if they try to force Bing on me.

STK0263252d ago

Despite the fact that some don't like Bing, it is still, at worst, the second best search engine. I, for one prefer Google over Bing, but I do use Bing from time to time, and in my opinion, it is much better than anything else I've seen (with the exception of Google obviously).

Also, about the article, I'd simply like to state the obvious, had iTunes not worked on Windows, the iPod would have flopped. Simple as that, and Apple knew it at the time. People wouldn't have bought iBooks to get their iPods synched.

As for Apple using Bing rather than Google as the default search engine, it makes sense. Apple is in a situation where it has to choose to cooperate with either MS or Google, while MS does have Windows Mobile, it is largely seen as a failure and is losing market quite quickly, on the other hand Google has both Android and its own Android phones now, and Android can be seen as the iPhone's nemesis. Apple probably knows that in the mobile market, Google is the bigger threat, so it makes sense to ally with MS, a somewhat minor player, rather than continue using Google.

likedamaster3252d ago

1. Bing always brings me the answers I want over Google 10X over.

2. Cash Back program

3. Better UI

Nuff said.

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buckethead_9113252d ago

I think its a general rule here on n4g to hate anything that remotely concerns Microsoft.

cmrbe3252d ago

I think its a general rule here on n4g to brand any dislike of MS product as MS bashing.

baum3252d ago

I think it's a general rule on N4G that if you criticize any product X by a company Z, that you must hate all other products from company Z (even though you may not).

Vip3r3252d ago

Google >> Bing.

No-one likes bing.

3252d ago
xxPIETROxx3252d ago

Chrome>>Internet Explorer

Microsoft just suck

jakethemuss3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

are the only good things to come out of micorsoft. FOr the Xbox 360, good as in usuability not reliability.

3252d ago
jakethemuss3252d ago

Why is your english so bad?

3252d ago
Pumbli3252d ago

X ziyad X - What is succe? And why do you think IE is better then Chrome and Safari?

jakethemuss3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Sorry, but you do not see me speaking in broken Chinese.

edit: "Office and windows 2000 and windows 7 and IE and bing and ZUNE HD"

Those are average.

Megaton3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

X ziyad X: "IE > Sfari > Chrome .. and thats FACT"

HAHAHAHA! I don't think even Microsoft employees believe that. Hell, even the die hard Microsoft loyalists at N4G wouldn't claim that... except for you. IE is the worst browser you can get for your PC, in all aspects.

bjornbear3252d ago


working with web design and being told by my very mentors - ask any web designer-


and current benchmarks prove Safari is actually the fastest web browser ever.

unfortunately IE is about used by 80% of web, web designers have to suffer A LOT.

but if the world worked without IE, many would be happy.

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El_Colombiano3252d ago

My younger brother said his teacher once told a student to "bing" the answer to a question he asked. He says to this day she is being ridiculed for using such a lame term haha.

RedDragan3252d ago

So it is cool for kids to say it, yet when an adult says it is sad?!

Kids are so fickle! They wouldn't have their their slang if it wasn't for adults.

El_Colombiano3252d ago

It's lame if *anyone* says it

SlipperyMooseCakes3252d ago

It's actually a pretty good search engine, it's not too different from Google. The cashback feature is actually pretty awesome.

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