IncGamers Interview - Jagex Talks War Of Legends

IncGamers' Tim McDonald sits down with Adam Tuckwell and Christian Reshoeft of Jagex to discuss War of Legends, the company's new browser-based free-to-play online RTS.

Topics include why the company picked up War of Legends, how it plays, how microtransactions have been balanced, how the western version differs from the Chinese version, future plans, and more.

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Fyzzu3170d ago

Might have to try this, you know. It sounds interesting.

AndyA3170d ago

Looks quite tasty for a browser-based game.

Maticus3170d ago

See, that's what puts me off right away.

thetamer3170d ago

It's interesting that it's based on actual Chinese lore.

Leord3170d ago

Really? I might have to read it all then, I missed that...

Leord3170d ago

I am not sure I dare say I think it's an interesting development, because I was borderline flamed last time :P

Cogo3170d ago

Weird, it's not exactly spectacular either way...

bozebo3170d ago

nope.... I'd rather play a subscription based game than a credits based one :/ credits give people a real world advantage. They had their pricing formula right with runescape - have a free version as a trial.

I looked at this game and it seemed ok, but when it hinted it wanted me to buy in-game money I just hit the x

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