Resolution Magazine - Interview: Chime

Resolution Magazine interviews Chime producer Brynley Gibson.

From the article: "Chime is a relaxing affair. There are plenty of frantic moments, but the game is taken at your own pace as you're swept away by a truly wonderful visual and aural spectacle. Chime is more than songs and block moving; it's about giving. OneBigGame, Chime's non-profit publisher, is giving away a large chunk of the game's profits. The money will be going to Children's charities around the world, and we will be a large part of it. Knowing that we can sit back and play our way through an amazing game, while the money we spent is going to help those in need, is an amazing thing.

Chime is set for a February release date – and, of course, we'll be bringing you a full review nearer to that time. For now, I sat down with producer Brynley Gibson to discuss Chime and what went into the creation of such a title."

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strybe3222d ago

.... that some of the profits are going to charity.