Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Voice Actress Tops Japanese Charts

PushSquare: "Only serving to fuel our obsession with Asian pop-music, Nana Mizuki - the voice of Costa Rican girl Paz Ortega Andrade in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - has topped the Japanese pop charts with Phantom Minds. The single moved 54,000 copies last week.

It's like a breakneck ballad with an all-over-the-place bassline and lots of filtered drum fills."

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neogeo3225d ago

just me. not you guys.

Jsynn73225d ago

I dig this. It sounds like it's from a JRPG.

Kakihara3225d ago

Nice, she can top my charts. I mean, uh, she can peace my walker. No, that's not it... She can blow me, yeah that's it.

Kakihara3225d ago

The more I think about it, I realise how awfully sexist my previous comment sounded. Please understand I am not trying to imply all women are mere beautiful objects to be used for kinky sex and nothing more. Just Japanese women.

sashimi3225d ago

The song is awesome! I am not surprised it sells :)

Whitefox7893225d ago

Very good song reminds of both JRPG or a an anime opening

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