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Welcome to PS3 Multiplayer. This is a friendly meeting place for fans of the Playstation 3 console. You can chat about the games or seek help on a PS3 related problem. The site focuses on creating PS3 Online Multiplayer Events and Competitions for owners of the Mutiplayer games. There will be regular Leaderboard updates so you can keep track on your progress and maybe get your name in lights!

Take on the world's Playstation 3 fans on PS3 Multiplayer, a site dedicated to the huge army of PS3 online multiplayer games. PS3 Multiplayer will be holding regular events, competitions, tournaments and Leagues and your progress will be clear for all to see on their Global and National Leaderboards.

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shyam1520073990d ago

Oh, and btw, any1 know what gun that is in the Resistance picture? It looks like a cross between a Rossmore and a assault rifle.

StateofMind3990d ago

Prototype Carbine I believe.

Maddens Raiders3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

is still where it's @ for me and that gun looks kick. Thought it was the splitter at first, but no....


kingofps33990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Can anybody tell me about the R:FoM N4G clan. Is there one for real? If so, please hit me up and Im ready for any 'tryouts' if any inorder to join the clan.

Maddens Raiders3990d ago

RFOM clan and I'm part of it.

PSN - Maddens_Raiders
PSN - Super_Madden_N4G

DiLeCtioN3990d ago

i cant wait to kick your ass online