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saint_john_paul_ii2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

i honestly expected this to happen. that controller to me was still not finished. if there's no analog stick on it, then it will fail.

i guess it will be "arc" vs. "Natal" this Fall.

EDIT: another thing sony has to do is get the Developer support that MS is getting with Natal. dont you guys agree?

Kevin ButIer2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Team Ico
Naughty Dog
Japan Studio
Santa Monica
Quantic Dream
Media Molecule
Sucker Punch


Edit: Come on dear Pope!! Me and my crazy idea of having GOW3 with motion control support to break some windows :P

TheHater2980d ago

I really hope the add the analog stick. I just look weird playing with the regular controller and the motion controller at the same time.

saint_john_paul_ii2980d ago

im talking about 3rd party support LOL. We know 1st Party studios are on it.

Aclay2980d ago

I kinda expected the Motion Controller to get pushed back to Fall 2010 too... Sony was relatively quiet about it going into the New Year and since TGS 2009, there really hadn't been much talk about it.

I think the controller probably could have been released this Spring, but if it did, I imagine the pickings Software wise wouldn't be that bountiful because I haven't heard about as much 3rd party support for it yet.

And yes, "Pope_John_Paul_II", I agree with you because I can't imagine having to hold the PS3 controller in one hand while holding the "Arc" controller in the other while playing certain games like the Alternate RE5 Edition.. it really should have an Analog, and I'm hoping the delay gives them time to make some modifications to it.

Microsoft is going to advertise the living hell out of Natal, and Sony is going to have to raise their advertising budget next Fall to a whole new level if they don't want the PS Motion Controller to get lost in the Natal hype.

Nihilism2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Yippee!!!, motion control is uber cool now that sony is doing it, but it sucked when the wii was, dance to my tune little marketing drones.


No, the real joke here is that the 'gimmicky' Wii has made nintendo rich while the other consoles makers and fans dissed motion control, and now they are all jumping on the hype train talking about what potential it has...hypocrisy in other words.

On topic:

Sony is going to revolutionise motion control and the gaming industry, Play Beyond!(TM)

SnuggleBandit2980d ago

^^it will only be cool if there are good games...same goes for natal. Thats the reason the wii is a joke. There aren't to many great games that use the motion control properly.

Godmars2902980d ago

If Natal has 20 Wii carnival clones vs 6 Heavy rains and 4 Wii carnival clones for arc, then my money's on arc.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892980d ago

with all those first party devs supporting it does it really matter if 3rd party support isnt fully there. im fine with the full effort and support that sonys loyal hard working first party devs provide. knowing 3rd party track records theyll try to port a natal project to the ps3 wand plus eye toy. and itll be garbage. as long as there are 3rd party devs that think its proper to port 360 to ps3 i could care less about there quality of support.....lazy devs= sad face gamers....personally i think this sony wand thing is gunna be a decent success. like ive never played the wii. 2 reasons.( lazy and im a graphics whore) so with the ps3 making a wand controller now that means all i have to do is fix one of my reasons. who ever likes wii will like this itll basically be wii on the gaming industry what microsoft is doing with natal isnt as promising due to the fact its technology in a sence is new and there for hasnt proved itself, but this is just my opinion i cant predict the future.....right now cuz im a one console owner im just focusing on the things ps3 is offering. so far im pretty stoked....those first 2 years were rough lol but me and my 60 gig launch ps3 made it threw it.:)

Blaze9292980d ago

Any word on the launch line up support yet? Those developers you listed said they will have launch games ready?

Nihilism2980d ago

Do you really need a list of release games?, I mean come on!, it's sony we're talking about here, everything they touch turns to gold, just look at Uncharted 2, that game revolutionised linear shooter-lite gameplay and with 720p and 30 frames as the icing on the cake, the sky is the limit!

I'll even get a second job if I have to, to afford the Sony Wand, because it's just that good!

Sarcasm2980d ago

Microsoft and Sony are working together all along! You would think Sony would get the 1up on MS and release earlier. MS must have paid them. lol

reaferfore202980d ago

The best way they could do the motion controller is to have two wands; both with analog sticks and buttons matching the current PS3 controller configuration that can lock together into a comfortable DualShock4/SixAxis/PSEyeWiimot e thingie.

Any thoughts?

RememberThe3572980d ago

Someone's butt hurt. Need a douche? Oh wait, nope, you are one.

Motion controls have yet to do anything for the hardcore gamer. Whether it is Natal or the PS Wand how about we wait to see what kind of software they're going to put out with it.

Blaze9292980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Uhh, yeah, I do. You seem to have forgotten the PS3 launch line up. I don't need a list of games - I'm just wondering what developers have said they will have launch games ready and in the case of the PS Wand/Arc/Whatever, I haven't heard much.

On top of that Sony seems to have trouble rallying up instant third party support for PS3 features and accessories. Same goes for Custom Tracks, Trophies (when it originally launched), in-game picture taking etc. A bunch of cool features third parties always seem to ignore when dealing with the playstation 3.

Sony released the Eye Toy...twice and let's all admit - it failed, almost no thrid party support. Hardly any games. What was the last PS Eye game to come out and when? When the Arc was originally supposed to come out before Natal (still might) and we've heard almost nothing from a lot of third parties - that is a red flag of trouble.

Shang-Long2980d ago

guess we can expect e3 to b a battle of the motion controls. Everyone better bring their big guns this year.
Natel show us hardcore
gem, spare.arc- give us an anolog stick
wii- show us anything better from last year. Star fox would be a nice start

Nihilism2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I've supposedly upset because sony is getting motion control 3 years after nintendo?, riiiight. I suppose i'm in awe of the yet-to-be-implemented 3d gaming that has been on pc for years as well, with over 500 titles supporting 3d...yep sonys really paving the way.

Step back y'all, sony's coming through.

@Godmars290, @Blaze929

Could you really not detect the's sad that with all the deluded people on here that a comment like mine which was drenched in sarcasm can blend in like any other comment...

Godmars2902980d ago

Yeah, we sort of do.

Just like MS, or rather 3rd devs, needs to actually show all of this innovation that's suppose to be coming with Natal, Sony at least needs to show games that are worth getting an arc for.

Sadly, they didn't do that with the Eyetoy. Twice. This is actually the 3rd time, so its the charm.

SixTwoTwo2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I too had a feeling this was coming. The signs were kind of obvious. The NMH PS3 port was announced without MC support, RE5:DC release date was announced with no mention of MC support, no game announcements at all despite the impending, intended spring launch.

I just hope Sony realized that the DS3 in one hand, MC in the other hand setup was retarded. I think the ideal setup would be having a disco stick in each hand. The left one having the dpad, an analog stick, L1 & L2 & L3. The right one having the rest of the buttons. In fact they should just split the DS3 in half right down the middle of the controller where the home button is. Adjust the ergonomics accordingly, and have little hooks and a latch in between them so you could link the two halves back together for when you're playing a game without MC. But what do I know I'm not an engineer.

EDIT: I see that reafer had the same idea as me above. I also agree with both Blaze and Godmars that yes, we do need to hear about some games. Sony has a poor track with this kind of stuff.

hakis862980d ago

But did you miss the articles about Developers being skeptical to Natal? That there aren't THAT many onboard?
Sony on the other hand have already announced that old games will be patched to work with ARC - in addition to a load of new games. Now THAT says SUPPORT to me.

SDF Repellent2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

"it's sony we're talking about here, everything they touch turns to gold"

LOL, yup just like the Sixasis, UMD, PSP Go, Minidisk, LAIR and Betamax.

Every company have their hit or miss. It is a fact of life.

I know it is sarcasm from you, but still :]

baum2980d ago

You make fun of the same behavior that you display all of the time, and yet you call everyone a hypocrite, how ironic. Anyway, if anyone praises Sony for doing this as opposed to Nintendo, don't you think it might be because (as obvious as it may be to eveyrone except you) Sony didn't do it at the expense of horsepower?

Nintendo released inferior hardware in case motion control failed. That hardly has any merit. They hedge all risk they could have possibly taken, which is why many other gamers remain with Sony. One only has to look at the kind of game software sony produces (like Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet) to truly appreciate Sony's risk taking efforts.

Jamescagney2980d ago

"Nintendo released inferior hardware in case motion control failed. That hardly has any merit."

You don't think they took a risk then? Considering everyone was dooming it to failure?

And now Sony are copying Nintendo because it's been successful. Looks like Nintendo were taking the risk, Sony's only just seen it as a viable option because of Nintendos success.

gaffyh2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I'm pretty sure dchalfont works for MS or Turn 10, he certainly acts like it.

On topic - I don't really see this as a delay, I just see it as the necessary step Sony had to take. Releasing it in Fall allows them to take the hype away from MS and be more competitive against Natal. Releasing it in Spring, where nothing sells, seemed kinda stupid in the first place.

Plus this means they could have some good games ready, but I'll wait and see before deciding whether to get this controller.

Edit: @dhacl - No it's because you act like an idiot, like MS and Turn 10's PR, that comment was the furthest thing from my mind.

Nihilism2980d ago

AHAHA, I work for turn 10 because I corrected you in saying that GT5 is not 1080p.....right.

So everyone that believes that upscaled games are 1080p native must work for sony right?

insomnium2980d ago

So you really don't get it?

We are interested in THIS motion tech because it's supposed to be 1:1 ie NO LAG.

As I've said many times MS was not interested in motion tech until they saw what Nintendo did with the Wii. Sony however has been involved in motion tech many years before it went mainstream with the Wii.

Please try to throw something co*ky at me too and invalidate this little fact.

Every motion tech is a gimmick to me unless there is NO LAG. No lag might make things VERY interesting if the software is there.

green2980d ago

well, you guys need to start warming up to waggle controlls because from autumn, the sony motion controller is going to be the "de facto" controller for the ps3.Not my words but straight from the horses mouth. http://www.computerandvideo...

Guido2980d ago

I don't agree since the third party devs still seem to be lacking in skills to program for the Cell. I would rather see the first party games for Sony since the first party devs have come up with games that are the best ever even when compared to any console or game before them. Sony's first party line of devs squash any other consoles third party support. Third party support for Sony is simply icing ont he cake and in most cases, not so good icing.

interrergator2980d ago

did naughty dog say they dont want to do motion controllers

DaTruth2980d ago

Is this the next project you want those first party devs on? No Uncharted 3, but motion control Naughty Dog title? Since 3rd parties are only churning out crap anyway we should leave this with them!

sikbeta2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


"[the 'gimmicky' Wii has made nintendo rich*]"

*The possibility of a SERIOUS discussion end Just Right There.... wii made Nintendo rich, now explain to me How that Benefit Gamers...

Motion Control is not for me, I don't like this "new trend" and the WORST thing is that even PC will have Motion-Control Games

I only hope the new motion PS3 games don't end like the Huge Amount of Shovelware Games on the wii

zeeshan2980d ago

I am afraid Wand will get lost in the NATAL hype. M$ has buttload of money to advertise Natal like the second coming of Jesus and they will do that. It's the matter of Xbox360's lifespan for them. Even if Natal works like a crap (and I hope it won't), they WILL put huge marketing force behind it and I think Sony won't be able to match it. They should have released it in Summer and pushed the devs to get the game going.

kneon2980d ago

What Naughty Dog said was they don't want to tack on motion control just because it's there. They would create a game from scratch built around using motion control. That's the right way to do it as motion control just doesn't offer the best experience for every type of game.

CWMR2980d ago

-Sony did something similar with the PS3. They said it would be coming out in the Spring and it ended up getting pushed back until Fall.-

Qui-Gon Jim2980d ago

Since everybody is making games for the Wii, and the Arc (if that's what it will be called) is very similar to the Wii-mote, there will probably be a lot of Wii/PS3 multi-plats. It would be a very simple matter to make a PS3 version of any Wii game. Looking at the Wii's library, though, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It could mean a lot of bad games, or it could mean people buying a PS3 instead of a Wii because of HD and more core games. Nintendo is huge among the casuals, but don't underestimate a brand name that has sold a quarter of a billion units.

zoks3102980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Looks like they are shooting for a September 2010 launch, which is 1 year after the slim was launched, if the "Arc" is a hit it will look good for their books year over year.

Sony could be going for another price drop with the launch of the "Arc" or a cheaper bundle again 1 year after the slim, which is perfect timing.

If you ask me it's a better plan, because now the software lineup should be even better, they will have more time to hype it up using the media, a big blowout at E3 2010 with the possibility of "Arc" 3D support, and potentially massive momentum going into Christmas 2010.

Sony might even be able to drop the price of the PS EYE by then to $25, being able to offer a cheaper bundle with the "Arc."

TotalPS3Fanboy2980d ago

in line with Microsoft's Natal this fall.


Izanagi2980d ago

I just hope Sony actually changes their "Release and forget" policy with their motion controller and actually be as aggressive as MS when comes to drumming support (and advertising) for their products.

@ Kevin Butler: would like Team ICO to release a game that supports the motion controller, BUT lets hope that they won't. waiting another 4/5 years for their game would be really really painful. They need to forget about motion controls for now and focus on pushing The Last Guardian out of the door.

baum2980d ago

There was very little downside risk that Nintendo took. If the Wii failed, they wouldn't have been in deep debt because they didn't make any costly investments into hardware. They basically repackaged a gamecube (no offense) and added a new control method.

The most I would agree upon is that they took some sort of creative risk, but what are the worst consequences of that? At least, compared to investment in hardware, it's not that costly, from a financial standpoint.

thesummerofgeorge2980d ago

None of us know for sure what the finished product will look like, or what kind of support/games they have being developed for it. So how can you be criticizing Sony for the final design and launch games and 3rd party support (which Sony has proven already is not as important as 1st party). Fckin vultures in here.

Jamescagney2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Maybe Baum, but if history has shown us anything about console manufacturers it's that it only takes one or two mistakes and a company can lose the race quite easily. You only need to look at Sega.

While the Gamecube and N64 weren't failures by any measure, they didn't share the same success as the competition. And yes, the Wii isn't a technical beast like its rivals, which adds to the risk they took. They knew it wasn't anywhere near as powerful but innovated in other ways, which was a very big risk. It could have gone the other way, and it could have been quite severe for the company really.

pimpmaster2980d ago

this controler is better than natal but sony really just is sending this thing out to die. what games are supposting this? what publishers? this thing is gonna come out and sony hasnt made the effort to find devs for it.

TotalPS3Fanboy2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

You will probably see a lot of game demoned for Arc at E3. Including list of publishers and developers who signed on.

And oh, Arc + 3D = Total Immersion Win!

darthv722980d ago

That explains the push for 3D and less talk about motion controls.

SoapShoes2980d ago

"Uhh, yeah, I do. You seem to have forgotten the PS3 launch line up. I don't need a list of games - I'm just wondering what developers have said they will have launch games ready and in the case of the PS Wand/Arc/Whatever, I haven't heard much.

On top of that Sony seems to have trouble rallying up instant third party support for PS3 features and accessories. Same goes for Custom Tracks, Trophies (when it originally launched), in-game picture taking etc. A bunch of cool features third parties always seem to ignore when dealing with the playstation 3.

Sony released the Eye Toy...twice and let's all admit - it failed, almost no thrid party support. Hardly any games. What was the last PS Eye game to come out and when? When the Arc was originally supposed to come out before Natal (still might) and we've heard almost nothing from a lot of third parties - that is a red flag of trouble."

Have you forgotten most launch line ups in history? PS2? Xbox? 360? GameCube? Dreamcast? They all sucked for the most part, especially the PS2. How dare you pawn of PS3 as the only system that has had a poor launch of games when it had a better one than PS2 did. Not to mention they already have 3rd party support, many companies have openly said they're on board for it and/or it and natal. Plus TGS revealed many first party games in development for it.

Eye Toy did not fail, it sold over 10 million. It just didn't become a huge phenomenon and I agree it didn't have many good games. You could probably worry about both you know? I don't see how you think MS is some great company that can instantly garner support. I could see Natal having poor support as well or support with poor games like Eye Toy. Remember that Eye Toy Virtua Fighter? Yeah, poor.

n4gn4gn4gn4g2980d ago

that is a rare event for them in all their product lines.

WLPowell2980d ago

Eyetoy came out when? 3 years after Nintendo you say? Or maybe, Sony has been doing motion control for quite sometime, but they couldn't quite crack the market, and they see Nintendo has done it, so they bring a more refined/powerful alternative, but it's still not their main focus. And I'm still not seeing many PS3 owners hyping it as much as the 360 owners and Natal. May have to do with Sony having other directions to go in if ARC fails...

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gareno2980d ago

darn it, now gotta wait till autumn to play resident evil 5 with motion controllers, meh guess i'll just buy resi 5 now and play with standard crappy controls

Sev2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Edit: I was being a bit bitter.

I see the author has went back an added the written article after I called him out on it.

That's not how it works. That is underhanded. You are supposed to be submitting a FULL story not submitting and then go back and write later.

Shame on the folks who approved this article.

Kevin ButIer2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I saw it here first:

Great site, keep up the hard work

Sev2980d ago

Thanks Kevin Butler!

silkrevolver2980d ago

But I’m still excited for the motion controllers that at the very least will work right. Compared to..... well, you know.

SactoGamer2980d ago

I think "wii" all hope it works right the first time.

SDF Repellent2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

I hope your "I can't wait for this thing!" comment is gaming related. :]

rambi802980d ago

lol - if it vibrates we know where the female demographic will be