Planet GTA's GTA IV Trailer

This is not the new trailer. From GameTrailers: "An astonishing re-edit of the original GTA IV trailer."

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MK_Red4174d ago

Aside from RP in the end, this one looks more official than real official one! And IMO, compared to each other, this one seems to be official with magazine quotes, a great start and better music (Though original's was also superb).

americanGTA4174d ago

the guy who made this is the biggest 360 fan boy

Mucudadada4174d ago

He is not a 360 fanboy. He owns a wide variety of systems. Know your facts before you share them. Just realize how awesome this trailer is.

crazypuppet4174d ago

the last trailer that was that good was the halo 3 e3 trailer

texism4174d ago

I've never played any of the GTA series and I'm excited.If only I had enuff money for a Wii60

gta_cb4174d ago

OMFG you have never played any GTA game?! *Shocked Face!*

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The story is too old to be commented.