Activision: Our Spider-Man games 'sucked'

CVG: CEO Bobby Kotick tells us what we've suspected for years...

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BigKev452832d ago

No kidding. Last good one was Spider-Man 2 (the movie game).

El_Colombiano2832d ago

No I don't. Explain what you did there!

Imtey2832d ago

"Our Spiderman sucked"

Finally, a reasonable and truthful comment from Kotick :D

GVON2832d ago

And yet they still released them.Thanks Activision.

Godmars2902832d ago

So, can I have my money back?

Though the only one I ever bought was Spiderman 2,

ReservoirDog3162832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I did love Spiderman 2 almost wholeheartedly. It was my second favorite movie-to-game-game. Nothing could top the way Lord of the Rings the Two Towers felt like I was actually playing the movie. I played that game so many times it's sad.

But I just loved swinging around in Spiderman 2. Nearly everything in that game just clicked with me.

edit: Oh and I loved that old one where you could only swing twice. This one

Loved that one.

Jamegohanssj52832d ago

ROFL! Bubbles Cheese.


badz1492832d ago

I don't think it's all about quality. I think it's more a profit thing! I can rest assured that if being asked what game of theirs doesn't suck, he'll say MW2! although that 1 SUCKS hard with all the glitches and broken MP! and all other games also SUCK because all of them are not selling like their overhyped POS!

ps: he'll side with Mario though

evrfighter2832d ago

Kotick probably didn't even know they made Spider-Man games until he was handed some papers on what he needed to say for better PR.

sikbeta2832d ago

"Bobby Kotick: Our Spider-Man games 'sucked"

Ah... and now you Realise?


Bathyj2832d ago

So do 50% of you CoD games.

And how about less filler in GH while we're at it. WTF's GH Guns N Roses?

RAZORLAND2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Bobby Kotick: "We make games OTHER than '(Insert music genre) Hero' and 'Call of Duty?'"

aaron58292831d ago

there are more games that sucked... besides spideman games...

especially the latest one.. cant remember the name...

See what i did ?


RAZORLAND2831d ago

Bobby Kotick: "Our Spider-Man games sucked...but I would have loved charge you more than $60 for them."

ape0072831d ago

the best one, it was actually good

SilentNegotiator2831d ago

The contract with Marvel and/or Sony Pictures has expired. :P

Shepherd 2142831d ago

Spiderman 2 was actually fantastic, but sadly it was the last one.

evildeli2831d ago

Spider-man 2 didn't have the same graphical quality of Spider-man 1 for the PS2, but the gameplay was far superior. The Spider-man games on the PS1 were also pretty good. Everything from Spider-man 3 on have just been disappointing.

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GUNS N SWORDS2832d ago

I'm glad that they see how bad their previous games were. I hope Activision took some notes from Eidos. those guys brought batman's popularity back up again in the gaming industry.

LeonSKennedy4Life2832d ago


The dialogue sucked balls though...

akaFullMetal2831d ago

yea web of shadows, was pretty fun, even though it was a bad port on the ps3 side. especially with all the screen tearing.

unrealgamer582832d ago

kotick's still an @sshole =]

nogolis2832d ago

Spiderman 2 sucked... The only Spiderman game that was actually decent in the last 10 years was the 1st one, and it even sucked. But it still had more going for it than the others. What kills me is Spiderman 3 had the same exact gameplay as Spiderman 2. Yet, Spiderman 2 doesn't suck but Spiderman 3 does??? Please... They all suck. Equally. Don't pull punches or play favorites. The bad thing is these idiots have been working on Spiderman IP for years and years and yet they can't pull off a decent one... SuckerPunch plays around with the superhero concept a bit and lands a homerun out of the gate with Infamous.

The crawling and scailing in that game blows away anything Spiderman has ever done in gaming.

Spiderman needs to go back to code. They need to wrangle the license away from Sucktivison and hand it off to someone capable. Probably someone inside Sony's camp.

Oh, and the reason why Spiderman games suck, like most superhero games... They are all based off the movies and not their comic book roots. Go back to the comics and you'll have some good material to work with. Keep hashing out junk games based on junk movies and you'll get junk everytime.

ico922832d ago

spiderman 2 was probaly the 1st superhero open world game ever made it was extremley fun even tho combat and missions got extremley repeptitive but it was superb in its own right, one of my favourite ps2 games

LordMarius2832d ago

weird how Sony makes the movies but don't make the games

Baka-akaB2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I didnt see the appeal neither of Sp2 . I can only certify that the next ones are even worse .

And in my case i'm not a fan of SP2 because i'd rather have a less "realistic" game and closer to comics one .

Anyway i found it boring and repetitive , even if decently done and open .

I must confess that i'd rather see a closed and heavily scripted action adventure game . Doesnt mean you still wouldnt crawl and swing around . but feels better to me than gta with ropes .

A next gen maximum carnage like experience would feel better to me than gta spiderman .

OgTheClever2832d ago

Spiderman 2 pretty much perfected the swinging mechanics. 3 then went and completely ruined them. Please don't compare the two games as equals.

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